In Time Of Need: Muslims Worldwide Preparing To Donate Zakat During Ramadan

The month of April 2020 sees the month of Ramadan come into being for all practitioners of the Islamic faith and all healthy observers of the tradition of Ramadan.

What Is A Zakat Donation?

For the uninitiated reader, Zakat is the traditional donation of 2.5% of an individual’s net worth (generally carried out on an annual basis) as a religious obligation to help fellow muslims who need help the most. 

Why Is Ramadan Significant To Zakat Donations?

The holy month of Ramadan carries extra blessings for muslims who choose to make this the month on which they make their Zakat donation, there are a range of different causes which are popular, some people choose those in need in more local areas, some choose to visit shelters and other people who are medically sick, an emerging cause of which is gaining more and more attention in recent times is that of the Kashmir and Pakistani orphans with many making donations to support the cause.

Zakat Donation To Kashmir And Pakistani Orphans

One worthy cause in particular is the protection of the orphaned children due to various natural disasters, earthquakes and the various conflicts which can affect the adults of the future in devastating fashion, leaving them vulnerable in ways unimaginable.

One such charity KORT (Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust) continues its unwavering support of these infants, campaigning tirelessly to provide shelter, care, round the clock safety and education of these affected individuals to help them receive the best possible start in life and to make the best of even the most challenging situations.

Donations to Kashmir orphans and Pakistani orphans are made possible through the secure website and children from other backgrounds with the majority being from Kashmir and Pakistan.

Zakat Donation & It’s Importance In Islam

To muslims the world over, Zakat donations are a financial obligation which is a mandatory measure to ease the suffering of Islamic community (the ‘Ummah’) and is one of the five pillars (key tenets) of the Islamic faith.

It’s place in history goes all the way back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and is applicable to all who are financially able.

KORT (Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust)

For more information about the tireless works of Kort visit the website at, it is also possible to make a donation at this page for any purpose including Zakat, Sadaqah, Lilith or general donations for a worthy cause.

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