Solar Tactics Now Offering Substantial Solar Panel Discounts On Top of Victorian Government Rebates

Solar Tactics Now Offering Substantial Solar Panel Discounts On Top of Victorian Government Rebates

Hallam, VIC – The increasing cost of power has forced many homes and businesses to seek out an alternative source of energy to power their day-to-day appliances and machinery. The search for a sustainable alternative has led to the switch to a solar power system, a green and sustainable energy source that allows users to control their power generation and power use. Aiming to spread the advantages across the board, the team at Solar Tactics is now offering residential and commercial property owners in and around its service area a chance to make the long-deserved switch while also taking advantage of the Victorian Government Rebates and cost-saving discounts on solar panels.

Announcing its cost-saving discounts now available on solar panels, the spokesperson for the solar system installers noted that the company is offering the special discount on solar panels as part of its aim to give back to the community while also helping an increasing number of people take advantage of the life-long cost-saving benefits of solar power systems.

With the special discount announcement, new customers and clients who wish to install solar power systems on their property will now be presented with a chance to enjoy not only the Victorian Government rebates on solar power system installations but also a favorable discount on the best solar panels.

Describing the company at the announcement of the discount offer, the spokesperson for the company, Solar Tactics, said: “Here at Solar Tactics, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, expert advice, and competitive pricing. Solar Tactics is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Solar Retailer, Clean Energy Council Member and uses Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers. Solar Tactics will plan, Design and Connect a system specific to your budget and energy requirements. Because we know choosing the right Solar PV System is crucial, but doesn’t need to be complicated or confusing. That’s why we take time with every one of our customers – ensuring complete satisfaction now, and for many years to come.”

Offering 10 years workmanship warranty on all installation services provided, the team of professionals will take each client through the process involved in delivering the best possible alternative energy source solution for them. The team begins with the planning phase where it reviews the client’s energy bills, energy usage, and also identifies current energy consumptions. Based on this assessment, the team will also assess the amount of available and suitable roof space for the installation of the solar power system to ensure the most effective power production.

Clients will be provided with a unique design of their solar panel and solar power system that takes into consideration the assessments that have been carried out on their property. Upon agreement on the design, the team will proceed with the installation of all the parts necessary for a stable and functional energy source and will offer ongoing support to clients to ensure that they enjoy the best of their solar energy system.

Solar Tactics focuses on quality products and services and will ensure that all the products used in the installation, including batteries, solar panels, inverters and monitoring unite are those that will last a lifetime.

Take advantage of the special discount offer on all solar panels as offered by Solar Tactics. Visit the solar power system installers at Factory 9/57-59 Melverton Dr. Hallam VIC 3803 AU or call 0412264311 to schedule an appointment. For more information, send an email to Dennison Hawes via or visit the company’s website.

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