The World’s Most Important Televised Benefit Event to be Held in America for 24 Continuous Hours to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The latest Respiratory Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the culprit disrupting our daily routines. The virus is uniting people all around the world to join hands, work together, and suppress this communal threat.  Years from now, when looking back at this horrific period in human history we can proudly reflect on this moment knowing the world came together and won this battle. Together as neighbors, world citizens celebrating as one people becoming truly connected working as brothers and sisters with purpose. Joining together to shape a better future, an even closer digital relational partnership with one another. Recognizing the temporary but necessary requirement of social distancing.

COVID-19 continues to be of concern everywhere in the world. It is said the virus started in Wuhan China and has spread throughout the world. If you read the internet, turn on the radio or television the only thing you hear about is the Coronavirus. The NBA, MLB and other sports organizations shut down all games indefinitely. Recently financial markets have become extremely volatile bouncing up and down with fear and panic from the effects of the virus being a trigger. The entire country of Italy is paralyzed. The list of those affected would fill up many pages. The world is being impacted in a negative way and much confusion has been created.

Scientists around the globe are working on solutions. In the meantime, steps are being taken by to avoid its spread and find a vaccine. World leaders from President Xi of China to President Trump of the United States have done a fantastic job in efforts to slow and contain the virus. For the first time in many decades the world is coming together as one to fight a common enemy the “Coronavirus.” While the fear the virus has created is alarming, the unity it is fostering is encouraging.

A large benefit concert to create awareness and raise money to beat the virus is in development with American and Chinese organizations joining together as one. The plan is within four to six weeks to have a live 24-hour telethon. The most important goal is to properly inform people about the virus with leading experts and to create opportunities for we the people of the world to support development of therapeutics and other methods to eradicate the virus. The goal of the concert will be to raise 2 trillion dollars to overcome the damage the virus has created.

The idea to hold this non-profit event was formulated by two close and environmentally friendly associates from the USA. During one of their regular deep think tank business exercises they collaborated on the notion how the COVID 19 virus is extremely contagious. How it leaves such a devasting effect on the world. Some people might even say leaves a scar. Mark Rafter, writer and the founder of The New Marco Polo, has a deep focus of concern for the wellbeing of others. Mark mentioned, fear and negativity accomplishes nothing. We all need perseverance and action. “We are all on this Rock together. It’s all about Oneness.”

John Probandt who regularly travels between both the United States and China for many years took the idea and made it a concrete workable plan by fine tuning the event to be a first and one-of-a-kind 24-Hour Live Benefit Concert for a Healthier Earth.

The two discussed what would be needed to accomplish an event of this scale and magnitude.  The first challenge was to find a qualified group capable of organizing and running such a mega event. John began the task by putting together a list of potential sponsors and promoters to be approached for making this idea a reality. Organizations and companies with the necessary experience and leadership who could be invited to organize and make the idea of the benefit happen. A realization that a group or groups must be found with event management skills, financial capability, technical knowhow, talent relationships and more for this idea to reach fruition.

Since the benefit is suppose be for world unity, John’s first approach was to the leaders of a large Chinese media company. John had an existing relationship with this company, so they were a natural to approach. He explained the idea of a benefit and its purpose to raise money by uniting the world in the fight against the Coronavirus. With the trade issues resolved it made sense that China and America could work together in defeating this common enemy. That company expressed immediate interest and then brought along a second mega sized media company. These two giant companies have the money, experience and knowhow to put together and run such a large scaled event. Their names are not mentioned while one or more major USA partners is sought.

Mr. Probandt who is good friends with the company leaders of these enterprises is well aware of their commitment towards caring about the goodwill of people. He knew that they are one of the best operators of live entertainment events in the world. He realized that they would be interested in this most important world benefit broadcast. They have in the past promoted several concerts in America, including one in New York City’s Central Park. When Mr. Probandt reached out to these companies within one day, they got back to him and agreed based on certain conditions to be the events main promoter.

However, they had several concerns with the first one being they wanted a large USA company to join as co-promoter before making it official. So far this has been a challenge as most USA companies have not returned the calls of Mr. Probandt. This is understandable as there is much confusion and uncertainty on how to handle this epidemic.

The Chinese companies had several other concerns in addition to the challenge of finding a USA co-promoter and sponsor:

1) How to deal with the fact that the virus calls for no large gatherings of people in one place

2) Can sponsors be found for such an event.

3) That this benefit needs to be much more than just an event to raise money, it also must be one “to educate and unite the world as one” in fighting this deadly disease. 

4) The money raised must be used wisely to benefit those in need.

Concern number one of no large gatherings of people was an easy solution as we live in a world of internet steaming, satellites and instant communication. A plan was formed to use sound stages which would be closed to the public. These stages can be used as the platform for the broadcast. The plan is to hold the benefit concert at one central location with possible remote satellite locations. Los Angeles, New York or Las Vegas are under consideration. 

It is planned that three sound stages would be used which would be next to each other with no live audiences. Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios in Burbank California as an example all have such sets ups and under consideration.

By having three separate sound stage buildings all next to each other, one act can be performing as another is setting up. With three separate stages the number of people in one location can be keep to a minimum and social distancing can be achieved. The third stage will be used as the time between acts to have educators, scientists and experts interviewed and give advice and information on the Coronavirus.

Continuous streaming will be running at the bottom of the screen with helpful hints on preventive measures that the public can practice to avoid contracting and transmitting the virus. Links will also be set up to learn even more helpful information and answer questions. The awareness talks would be every thirty minutes.  These segments will be carefully organized to assure that they are effective, educational and fun. The current plan is to telecast the benefit for twenty-four (24) continuous hours, featuring fifty or more superstars performing fifteen to thirty-minute sets. Most music acts will be USA superstars.

Additionally, it is planned that there will be top world superstars from all points of the world: China, Japan, France, England, Russia and more. Also planned is a contest for unknowns to present a new song for the virus and the winner will be invited to perform the song at the benefit. The vision is that on a worldwide basis that every single radio station, television station, cable outlet and internet platform would pre-emptive all other programing and carry a live feed of the benefit.

There is so much wrong information being spread by the media which includes radio, television, print and the internet. This misinformation has been causing fear and panic and must be stopped. This benefit will be the lightning rod that brings people together and stops the unhealthy hording, fear and panic the world has been experiencing.

While most acts will be music acts, the plan is to have other famous people come on stage and give support  throughout the 24 hours, from top Industry Leaders, athletes such as NBA players to Actors and others. The only purpose of this event is to help in getting a solution for curing the Coronavirus outbreak and has nothing to do with politics or getting people elected. Unlike events like the Oscars, political comments to support or attack people in office will not be allowed. 

Everyone is affected by Coronavirus and this will be by far the most watched televised and streamed event in the history of the world. Sponsorship is not a concern as it is an opportunity for brands to show that they care. A sponsorship is a chance to give back to the world.  The list of sponsors being invited is endless and includes big pharma, airlines, cruise companies, health insurance companies, hotel chains, computer companies, software companies, game companies and many more. All live sports events are impacted, so the NBA is a natural sponsor along with all other major sporting clubs. Car companies are suffering losses due to the virus and they must keep their name in view of the public are a perfect sponsor. General Motors, Tesla, Mercedes, Kia, BMW, Ford, Toyota and all other auto companies are being invited to participate.

Major movie companies are suffering, take for example Disney as currently Disney resorts around the world have been closed. Movie releases have been pushed as theaters have been closed due to the virus. Big business is suffering as most have shut their doors to protect employees from being exposed to the virus.

The small businessperson is potentially facing bankruptcy due to being required to close down during this period of time. The biggest challenge for the small business is that rent continues to accrue during the days they are closed and potential loss of their employees. In addition, small business owners now have no income to cover their personal expenses. How about the normal person such as a waiter who relies on the job and tips just to pay rent?

In addition to sponsor donations, people watching will be encouraged to go online or over the telephone directly to donate funds for this worthy cause. This will be the most important benefit event in the history of the world, as the virus continues to travel to different countries. Fear must be replaced with knowledge and common sense.

The benefit will give the chance to unite and win this war we are facing. Together we can find a cure; we need awareness and must unite in this effort. To unite the world in one common cause is something that will save lives and make a lasting difference.

People are suffering as the unknown always creates fear and panic. Jobs are being lost, money is being lost, hardships are everywhere you look. The money raised from the benefit will be placed in a trust and used intelligently. The trust will then contribute where it is most needed on a case by case basis. This means to help people in weathering this storm, investment in cures, education, supplies and more. Cost as associated with putting on the event will be controlled to assure that most of the money raised goes for the cause. A committee will be formed to assure integrity as the money is donated. In addition, a large auditing firm will be retained to guarantee proper accounting. The government has already done much in this battle and now it is up to the people to join the effort.

To unite the world in one common cause is something that can save lives and make a lasting difference. This benefit event is the start of bringing the world together in “Oneness.” The life it saves may be your own. Within the next three weeks, once the USA anchor sponsor and organizer has been identified and secured the date and locations of the event will be officially announced. 

In the end it will be the government and the people working hand in hand that will bring victory over this common enemy. Contact at

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