Remote work marketplace sees 300% increase in sign-ups since start of COVID-19 crisis

March 26, 2020 – Vancouver, Canada – In recent weeks, millions around the world have found themselves laid-off from office jobs while millions more have been asked to self isolate as countries and companies try to mitigate the potential damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who cannot work from home or whose companies don’t have the technology to manage a remote workforce, the fear of being able to keep up with bills is very real. Thanks to remote work marketplaces like, individuals aren’t having to rely on traditional brick-and-mortar jobs and businesses to make ends meet. is a marketplace which specialises in recruiting local sales professionals for remote work. In the past two weeks, the marketplace has seen a 300% increase in the number of freelancers signing up. The positions being filled by the remote work marketplace are particularly suited to those now forced, or choosing, to work from home. Freelancers set their own hours, allowing many to provide childcare during the day and work evenings or weekends. The marketplace also handles all the technology and payment details allowing freelancers with even basic technology at home, such as an older laptop, to get set up easily. The marketplace handles all the payment details and unlike other jobs, there is no fear about whether a contracted freelancer will get paid.

“Our marketplace has seen dramatic increases in two areas,” explains Jordan Lewis, CEO of “First we saw freelancers signing up at record rate but very quickly afterward we also saw companies who are not directly affected by the COVID-19 economic disruption sign-up to hire freelancers in record numbers. Companies in the industrial, construction and manufacturing industries are trying very hard to keep their businesses open and keep their staff employed. One of the ways they’re doing that is by sourcing new clients and contracts which is something our freelancers specialize in,” adds Lewis. acknowledges that hiring a remote workforce may be a stop-gap measure for some companies. However, the marketplace anticipates that once the pandemic crisis passes, companies who have seen how easy it has been to work with remote employees during the pandemic, will choose to add to their existing workforce with a supplemental remote workforce. They also expect that once freelancers see how easy it is to work from home, they’ll consider supplementing their income with remote work or by becoming full-time freelancers.

“As a company we’re humbled to be helping people during such a trying time,“ says Lewis. “We know many are worried about keeping their families safe and healthy. By providing companies with a way to stay open during this crisis, we’re helping to preserve jobs for people to go back to and by providing people with a way to stay home and self-isolate, while still being able to pay the bills, we’re helping to keep our community healthy and hopefully, helping to flatten the curve.”

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