Fix Body Chiropractor Group, a Top Chiropractor in Palm Desert Announces Expanded Service for CA

Fix Body Chiropractor Group, a Top Chiropractor in Palm Desert Announces Expanded Service for CA
Fix Body Group Palm Desert, a well-known chiropractic facility in Palm Desert is expanding the portfolio of services offered at this location.

Palm Desert, CA, United States – Fix Body Chiropractor Group is setting up a comprehensive start-to-finish treatment option for patients suffering from pain at their Palm Desert location. The process is fairly simple and straightforward. If a patient’s individual assessment deems they require chiropractic services, patients will spend the first hour of their initial appointment with one of the doctors on staff to understand the individual’s injury situation and goals. With the goal of getting the patient back to doing what they love, Chiropractor Palm Desert – Fix Body Chiropractor Group incorporates a variety of methods. 

Care commonly begins with soft tissue treatments such as active release techniques, massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. After some progress, the treatment will shift toward the focus of strengthening around the corrections that have been made. The chiropractors in Palm Desert strive to not only assist their patients in rehabbing but being stronger than they were before. 

In addition to the services provided by the Chiropractor Palm Desert, patients also have access to personal training services. Fix Body Chiropractor Group offers patients the opportunity to work with the lead personal trainers in the area who can aid in overcoming any physical challenges one may be dealing with. Whether one is seeking to boost their overall health, lose weight or tone muscle, Fix Body Chiropractor Group can create a training program that is personalized and tailored to achieve the patient’s goals. 

If chiropractic and personal training services do not meet the needs of the patient, Fix Body Chiropractor Group offers massage therapy services. Within massage therapy Palm Desert, there are two types of treatments which include deep tissue massage and soft tissue massage. The assigned massage therapist will work with the patient to determine the most effective type of massage therapy for the individual. 

About Fix Body Chiropractor Group

The company was started by Dr. Shawn Robek and aims to help individuals get back to doing what they love, regardless of their injury or condition through chiropractic, massage and similar non-invasive treatment procedures. Within their clinic, there are skilled therapists who have the experience of working with professional Olympians and local athletes for treatment and prevention of injuries, as well as performance improvement. 

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