Xugar Hires New Project Manager as Business Grows

Xugar, a leading web SEO agency Melbourne, have hired a new employee to manage projects. Andrew has stepped into the role, taking it on in addition to being the company’s lead designer. While being relatively new to the job, he has proved himself capable and stepped up in the businesses time of need.

Over the last few months Xugar has seen an increase in enquiries and has added a number of clients, offering SEO, web design, hosting and more. With this increase came a need for the proper management and direction of projects, a role Andrew has taken on. Through this, it is hoped that the new project manager will be able to ease the burden on the current team and enable Xugar to provide all their customers with better all-round service. With more time to dedicate to individual clients, and not splitting it up with disorganised project management, Xugar is predicting an increase in client success and satisfaction.

“I’m really looking forward to taking on this role. I think I can be a great asset to the company here, and help get our projects in order. I’ve already had ideas for how we can improve our processes and service overall,” stated Andrew, when asked about his feelings on the matter. “We can be doing a lot more here at Xugar, as an SEO agency and as a member of the community. I’m hoping I can help make that happen.”

Andrew is a purveyor of fine Italian pasta sauce, and an aficionado of coffee and houseplants. His passion for graphic design has honed his eye for detail to a fine point, and allows him to see details other miss, such as the difference between two fonts or the individual hairs on a cat. With his existing skills he is a great asset to the Xugar team.

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