Cleanky: Highly Advanced Automatic & Reusable N95 Smart Face Mask Launches on Indiegogo

Cleanky is a highly advanced automatic reusable N95 smart electrical face mask, which promises maximum possible protection from PM2.5 air pollution and all kind of airborne germs and other harmful particles. 

With air pollution increasing at an alarming rate, there is an urgent need for powerful filtration masks today that can offer maximum possible protection from harmful airborne particles. And here comes the good news. A Cadiz based company, Team Impacto, has recently launched an innovative automatic filtration mask on Indiegogo, which can filter out as much as 95% of harmful airborne particles. Titled “Cleanky,” the mask is a reusable N95 smart electrical face mask backed by a top-notch HEPA filter.

Claimed as the “ultimate” breathing mask, Cleanky can effectively filter out germs, dust, smoke, allergies, pollution, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and ash. The mask comes with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers that enables it to keep uses safe from PM2.5, PM10, and other even smaller particles. 

As per the statements from Team Impacto spokesperson, Cleanky is uniquely engineered to offer 5 levels of protection:

“Cleanky is designed with care and based on extensive research to ensure maximum possible protection from external pollutants- yet without compromising on the looks and style quotient. We have powered up the mask with a premier 4-layer HEPA filter that promises a strong filtration barrier against harmful substances and delivers new clean air. It’s a cutting-edge automatic filtration mask that comes with next-gen ventilation design that allows easy permeability, allows two-stall adjustment, and can filter the air with optimum efficacy possible. You will be left with fresh air always that will keep you and your entire family healthy.”

“One of the most significant aspects of the mask is its ability to offer 5 levels of protection thanks to its 5 internal layers. The inner cover can be separated from the main mask for easy cleaning.”

There are a lot of factors that make Cleanky stand out over regular masks. The mask is made from flexible but durable textile material, which is comfortable, easy to use, and assures unmatched durability. Then, the mask comes with Magic-fit ear loops that can be customized to ear loops of the user to ensure the perfect fit possible.

Cleanky also sports a very ergonomic design thanks to its Velcro adjustment facility, which enables complete protection and doesn’t allow air to ooze through the sides- thereby assuring maximum protection from air pollution. 

Besides, the main mask is easily washable and re-used a number of times while the inner masks can be replaced conveniently as well. It offers Cleanky an upper hand over the regular disposable masks and enables you to use the mask for an extended period of time.

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed on the powerful features of Cleanky:

• 4 layers purifying filter-screening filter, anti-bacterial filter, nano-fiber filter, and HEPA filter

• Manufactured with comfy and soft sandwich mesh fabric

• 5 layers of cleaning security

• Effectively fights air pollution including up to PM2.5

• Two intelligent air supply

• Comfortable wear for prolonged and intensive use

• Strong durability

• Easy to clean and maintain 

“Cleanky is an exclusive blend of unrivaled breathability, filtration as well as style. This is a mask that the whole world has been waiting for long. It’s a thoroughly tested and proven product, and hence one can be assured of its efficacy. At present, we are looking to launch our brand and go for mass production. But, that would call for a robust financial backup and thus this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Cleanky to the world and make  lives healthier, better, and safer for all of us.”

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