Entrepreneurship is fast becoming the go-to road for talent in the world

Entrepreneurship is fast becoming the go-to road for talent in the world

““Universities should encourage student entrepreneurship”
– Daniel Goldsmith, founder-CEO, Mortgage Watch”
We now often see bright students who drop out of college and prestigious universities to follow their dreams of starting their new company and hitting it big.

There are indeed a lot of opportunities out there in the world, but students who go out to tackle the world’s biggest problems need to be trained on the basics of entrepreneurship. “It isn’t easy to start out in uncharted waters on your own as having the required knowledge is important to navigating the world of business and entrepreneurship,” says founder-CEO Mortgage Watch – Daniel Goldsmith.

The Rise of Entrepreneurs

According to Statista, over 700 thousand new businesses were started in the US in 2019. This is a testament to the fact that more and more entrepreneurs are entering the foray every day. This is why Daniel is pushing for more universities to offer relevant knowledge on founding and growing a startup. Daniel has closely seen what new entrepreneurs go through due to the limited knowledge they have. 

Daniel believes that more schools should have courses tailored to cater for the entrepreneurial mind. Doing this will prevent more dropouts and allow more University students to learn about how best to follow their dreams in a structured environment. This will save them time and money as opposed to them learning the hard way after they have already started their company. 

The future of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship will always be here because the best things we use today are all a product of entrepreneurship. Smartphones, the Internet, social media, and other advancements are all a produce of innovative entrepreneurial mindsets. As a serial entrepreneur himself, Daniel believes that the future of entrepreneurship is bright, but “focus is everything.” He helps businesses save money by pointing them in the direction where they should be spending to acquire customers. He holds a BA in Business Administration from the California State University Sacramento (CSUS) with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship. Daniel has the requisite skills to guide the newcomers on the right path to gaining users and becoming profitable. According to him, the future of entrepreneurship is secure if more people can spend less to start a new business and acquire customers early on. And it is the right education and timely encouragement at the university level that can nurture future entrepreneurs.

Starting a new business isn’t easy, and statistics show that most of the startups close in the first five years. A well-structured and formal learning environment will be ideal for teaching aspiring students the essential lessons in entrepreneurship.

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