Neuquen Groove Project fuses international music elements for their debut EP “Neuquen Power”

Neuquén Groove Project is a talented band to look out for, which is bringing a fresh new wave of genre-bending music with a global appeal. The band has just launched its debut EP titled Neuquén Power featuring 6 amazing tracks created using traditional instrumentation, world percussions, soundscapes, and electronic beats. The band offers a wild fusion between modern electronica and ancient rhythms from different corners of the world. The EP brings out the best of Afro-Andean folk music, including two remixes; one from Samarana (France) and Rodrigo Gallardo (Chile).

Neuquén Groove Project came to life in 2018 during and after the Festival Nomade in Chile. Only after a few sessions of jamming and making music together, the members realized they were up to something great. They went onto collaborate with local musicians, DJs, producers and collectives for establishing themselves as a band.

From Middle East to Afro beats to classical Asian music, Neuquén Groove Project has derived their musical influences from the best of world music. At first, the band was formed by six people, from France, Chile, and Argentina but now the band is operating from Europe so the South American members are not a part of it anymore. The present members of the band include Antonia Vai, the lead vocalist; Steven Barnes on Irish Bouzouki, Synthesizers, Didgeridoo, and Tablas; Thomas Jousse on Drums, Berimbau, Charango, and Theremin; Gigi on Saz, Banjo, Dulcimer and Yael on Trumpet, choir, Percussions. With all the wonderful instruments at play, accompanied by Antonia’s mesmerizing voice, the band creates not just music but enchanting experiences for their audience.

All members of the band are united by their love for global sounds and instruments, to create something fresh and pleasant. Known for their vibrant, and dynamic live performances that leave the audience either mesmerized or dancing, the band creates a musical crossroad between African, Balkan, Asian, French and the Middle East and other world music. The band has given some unforgettable performances at the Kater Blau (Berlin, Germany), followed by gigs around France, Germany, Belgium, and Hungary, visiting stages such as La Maison du Peuple (Brussels, Belgium), Harmonic Festival (France), Babel Sound Festival and Ozora Festival (Hungary).

After years of hard work and working together, the band is excited to launch their debut EP and showcase their music to the world. More than fame and money, they’re aiming for creating global sounds that transcend boundaries and unites people through music. They are even donating 75% of the money raised from their EP to the street medic squads in Chilean protests.

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