New Kickstarter campaign introduces easily printable modular industrial buildings for wargamers

Damocles Part 1 comprises of full modular wargame terrain that comes in 3D printable files that are super easy and quick to print. The package also contains half modular products.

Innovative France-based coder and passionate gamer, Touret William, has recently launched fast printable modular industrial buildings for wargame players. Titled “Damocles Part 1”, the modular models come in 3D printable files.

Damocles Part 1 comes with conveniently printable modular wargame terrain that gamers will be able to print out in simply no time. The maker has promised excellent quality print and that too, without involving too many materials. The printable materials are compatible with all kinds of 3D printers, whether large or small. Besides, those who don’t have 3D printers can also sign up for physical content. 

It all started with William’s local wargame club looking for new terrains for their favorite war games. Around five months back, they planned to extend their collection through the addition of ETC buildings, which further inspired William to come up with modular, easily printable structures.

“My local wargaming club is always looking forward to adding new terrains, and I know there are lots of fellow wargamers who wish for the same. Thus, I have come up with super easy to print modular terrain for competitive wargaming for all passionate wargame players out there. I have optimized my system to ensure the most efficient mass production product possible, and I promise you super-quick and convenient  3D printables that only require very few materials,” stated William.

“I have worked hard for several months on these 3D printables, and I assure you only the highest quality product that will simply enhance your overall wargaming experience.”

As per his statements, Damocles Part 1 is offering a fully modular system that will allow gamers to build and rebuild just any building they wish to. William is mostly inspired by legendary video games such as Conan or ARK and has tried to build something closer to these games’ iconic walkways or roofs. 

The Damocles Part 1 package also includes STL files for 136 main walls (with 36 variations of each) as well as 10-floor patterns (with 32 varieties of each), associated structures, and bases (more than 800). This system has no limits and allows you to make buildings of any size. More walls, floor patterns, bases… are in the stretch goals unlockable biomes (civil, military, and cathedral). 

Added to the full modular system, users will also get 3D printable files for easy to build standardized ruined industrial buildings, which will allow players to have 12 reversible facades for each building shape. These are mostly meant for wargaming clubs and associations rather than individual users.

“An easy and simple modular building package is what the entire wargaming community has been waiting for really long. And this is what Damocles Part 1 is all about. My core system is working, but I would need further improvements on it, and that calls for a solid financial backup. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable me to perfect my system and bring the best possible modular printable for all wargamers out there.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts and also commercial license on Damocles Part 1 printables.

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