Meet Onur Agaoglu, An Accomplished Entrepreneur, Author and Musician

Ataşehir, İstanbul – Onur Agaoglu has certainly led an interesting and colorful life. He is a GOC Board Member. Onur is both an architect and an artist. This dynamic combination has led him down various roads. Onur was born in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. His family is from Trabzon. Onur spent a year in Cambridge. He graduated from Yeditepe University Department of Architecture in Istanbul in 2011. He then went on to study Master of Business Administration at Bilgi University, graduating in 2015.

Onur Agaoglu

He enjoyed artistic pursuits in school but didn’t discover his love of music until 2005. He’s showcased his work on radio as a DJ and has also been hired at many venues.

He has started The Agaoglu’s Group of Companies, which specializes in construction, real estate, energy, and tourism sectors. It is one of the largest construction firms in Turkey.

Onur Agaoglu has set about creating a brand out of his name. He has his system written out on his website (as detailed above). He even includes mottos such as “be lazy and dumb” as well as “don’t take yourself too seriously.” The man has a sense of humor towards life as well as a well-rounded education and a list of hobbies.

The world is your oyster, but not if you don’t set about to claim it. Onur wants to get his company name out. He also wants to continue to pursue his music. He’s helped to launch other brands such as Self Park Car Park Solutions, Nurvinc Crane Solutions, Agavinc Crane Rent Solutions, and Skyfilm Aerial Film Solutions.

You can find Onur’s music on Spotify if you are interested. He also is active on his Instagram page. He has written two books that are available on Amazon. The titles of these books are “Entrepreneur: WHAT I WANT TO BE” and “The Meaning of Life.” Onur has a lot to say on both subjects, and are a fascinating read.

For information on any of his brands, his company, his music, or to write a feature, please contact the media contact listed below. Onur’s passion for life is easily contagious, and he can help make your business work for you.

Media Contact
Company Name: Agaoglu Group
Contact Person: Onur Agaoglu
Email: Send Email
Phone: 444 6 777
Country: Turkey