Human Horizons Joins Forces with Global Partners and is One to Watch Out For

Human Horizons has worked together with global partners on all fronts to realize the ‘3-Smart’(Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City)strategy, and has built a new breed of vehicle which is called HiPhi 1 on three dimensions: “H-Vehicle Technologies, U-V2X Collaboration and A-Connectivity & Sharing”.

Human Horizons realizes the true meaning of smart automotive industry with help of its partners.

Qianxun Spatial Intelligence, one of Human Horizons’ parters, they had signed an agreement to promote the industrialization of autonomous driving intelligent networks in September 2019.

Qianxun SI Aids Human Horizons in Accelerating its Application of Autonomous Driving

As a leading precise location service company, Qianxun SI provides fully-autonomous driving using visual-based high precision positioning with centimeter-level accuracy and static millimeter positioning capabilities, which is one of the important infrastructures in the IoT era. Qianxun SI’s Beidou Intelligent Precision ‘Cloud-in-One’ solution for autonomous unmanned systems. The scheme provides high-precision positioning, high-precision map data processing and GNSS/INS integrated navigation terminal support for automobiles and UAVs.

In the field of autonomous driving and intelligent networking, especially in high-precision positioning, Human Horizons and Qianxun SI will cooperate in an all-round and in-depth manner. At the same time, based on the open EE architecture of Horizons, Qianxun SI will participate in the joint development and verification of intelligent driving, and build a unified space-time reference system with high-precision positioning and timing, which can provide the best information exchange between V2V, V2P, V2I, roadside unit and other V2X information.

Human Horizons cooperates with Nebula Link to Promote the V2X Technology

The other example, Human Horizons has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in the (Vehicle-to-Everything) V2X technology field with Beijing Nebula Link Technology Company (‘Nebula Link’) in May 2019.

Human Horizons is a leading technology innovator of mobility, smart transportation and smart city. Nebula Link is a domestic supplier of V2X/vehicle-road collaboration products and solutions for intelligent networks.

The cooperation between Human Horizons and Nebula Link is a strong partnership between two high tech-oriented companies, which will help the two sides to accelerate the development of V2X application in the Chinese market, and to jointly promote the advanced development efforts to help deploy the technology.

Human Horizons has pioneered the ‘3 Smart’ strategy of smart car, smart transportation and smart city in the industry. Based on the strategic layout of ‘3 Smart’, relying on world-class advanced technology and a powerful elite team, Human Horizons has achieved systematic solution for intelligent transportation for vehicle-road-city.

As a key part of the smart transportation system solution, the hardware and algorithm of the ‘Smart Road’ V2X system is the result of the cooperation between Human Horizons and Nebula Link.

With the deepening cooperation between Human Horizons and Nebula Link, more data accumulation and results will be produced in the field of V2X/vehicle-road collaboration.

According to Electrek, Human Horizons has launched its new premium all-electric smart brand, HiPhi, and unveiled its first car, the HiPhi 1, an insane-looking electric SUV with up to 400 miles of range. The vehicle is first going to be available in China in 2021, but Human Horizons has announced global ambitions. 

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