Best-selling EZZ brand NMN of New Zealand enters Chinese e-commerce of JD

In a very unusual period, immunity is competitiveness, and New Zealand’s immunity “flash charge artifact” has come to China! The reporter know that the official flagship store of New Zealand’s first brand of gene health EZZ officially entered the Chinese e-commerce giant recently. It is reported that, as the world’s leading brand in the era of NMN products in the 3.0 era, the EZZ brand NMN gene energy tablet, which was launched by the New Zealand Gene Research Center, it has sold out of stock in New Zealand with its leading counterparts’ flash-charge immunity and anti-aging effects. Then it became the only NMN product in the world to get the most stringent FDA certification-Australia TGA certification. Industry insiders said that with the arrival of EZZ in, Chinese consumers can enjoy the world’s most advanced genetic technology at the same frequency as Western countries, rapidly improve the immunity level of each individual, and resist the attack of diseases and viruses.

The reporter know that from the field of life sciences, “improving immunity and combating aging” has always been a super hot topic.  It has shown that immunity is the most effective weapon for the body to deal with external viral infections and diseases by studyies from Harvard Medical School, Keio University in Japan, and AUT in New Zealand. There is only one effective way to improve immunity exogenously-supplement NMN.

The reports show that the scientific principle of all of this is that supplementing NMN can release a component called NAD + in the body, which is the body’s immune defense line, repairs damaged gene cells, and enables the body to avoid various viral infections, physical weakness and aging symptoms. “Key”, this component will gradually stop secretion with increasing pressure and age, and because NAD + has too large a molecular weight, it cannot be directly supplemented. Hence, supplementing NMN + precursor NMN can fundamentally improve immunity has become a consensus in science industry.

In the past two years, multiple NMN brands have appeared in Japan, United States, and domestic Hong Kong, which has driven the strong rise of the NMN industry. However, due to the single formula and low purity, the absorption effect of previous generations of NMN products is insufficient. The booming NMN industry has cast a shadow.

As a pioneer in global genetic research, New Zealand has the world’s top genetic research institution — the New Zealand Gene Research Center.  Based on the exploration of the NMN industry, the New Zealand Gene Research Center and the Auckland University of Technology Gene Research Center jointly established an expert group to specialize in the development of a new generation of effective NMN products. The team is composed of world-renowned immunological experts — Dr. Van Blythe Melline serves as the head of the expert group, who is the director from AUT-Roche Diagnostic Institute. 

This luxurious scientific research team avoided the detours of the previous people who simply researched on the extraction method of NMN. From the perspective of human gene research and absorption, they developed a third-generation global NMN product with an absorption efficiency of 98% — Gene energy tablets of EZZ brand NMN. With its far-leading clinical effect, it has obtained the world’s strictest Australian TGA certification in one fell swoop. Before that, there has never been a product that can obtain this one of the world’s most stringent FDA certification. So that EZZ brand NMN has therefore become the world’s only NMN product with drug label.

It shows that this product is tailored to the human body’s genes, and the NMN “immunity-targeted flash charge” technology is customized, using a new extraction method and a compound formula, which doubles the absorption rate. Clinical trials show that after taking this product, NMN can be quickly absorbed through the digestive system, enter the blood in 2-3 minutes, increase the NMN content in tissues within 15 minutes, and rapidly increase NAD + levels in blood, liver and other organs, thereby enhancing Cell vitality, activate damaged immune cells, serve the purpose of delaying aging and increasing resistance, and become a “immunity fast charging station” in the true sense. Some consumers have said that during the taking period, they obviously feel more energetic, sub-health symptoms such as qi deficiency, fatigue, and insomnia disappear miraculously, and the whole body feels refreshed.

It is reported that at present, the EZZ Jingdong flagship store has been officially operated, and the store has just opened. As a star product of EZZ, the EZZ brand gene energy tablets priced at 1999 yuan per box have caused many consumers to collect and place orders.

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