Boston-based startup donates software to healthcare facilities overwhelmed by COVID-19

BOSTON, MA – In response to the novel coronavirus, UptimeHealth — a Boston-based health technology startup — offers its software “GoCheckIt” completely free to overwhelmed urgent care centers, hospitals, and surgical centers. 

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, health care providers have adjusted to the growing pandemic by establishing new life-saving processes and protocols for staff members and patients. The problem? Most of these tasks are only tracked via pen and paper, and make it challenging for managers to get visibility into which processes are followed and which are forgotten or lost.

According to the Director, Department of Infection Control and Healthcare Epidemiology at UTMB, “[They] are learning more every day. As [they] constantly change [their] protocols, having an efficient way to analyze and distribute the information quickly is vital.”

“During this COVID crisis, people are doing remote work away from others. Having an online platform to access a lot of critical data to make sure proper protocols are being met is helpful. Having line of sight to see what is happening is important for maintaining the healthcare infrastructure during this crucial period. There is a lot of time spent gathering paper and analyzing data, and we just do not have time right now.”
– Dr. Janak Patel, Director, Dept of Infection Control & Healthcare Epidemiology at UTMB

Under normal circumstances, most nurses and staff members would use paper checklists to track the completion of their compliance tasks. Although this is a routine practice, it is a time-consuming process for operations managers to comb through the information to double and triple-check and monitor adherence — a risky process now, when time is more valuable than ever.

When confronted with a pandemic that is expected to last for the next 12-18 months, accurately tracking any process and protocols becomes painful and nearly impossible.

UptimeHealth’s CEO, Jinesh Patel, has responded by offering GoCheckIt to health care providers for free, no strings attached.

The GoCheckIt software allows health care staff to manage COVID-19-related tasks and gives managers visibility into their processes and compliance across all locations.

Our mission at UptimeHealth has always been to provide the healthcare community with simple-to-use tools to improve their operations and workflow. We measure our success by the amount of time we save our providers on administrative tasks, because that means they have more time to help patients. 

“During this crisis, healthcare workers are putting themselves at great risk every day to save lives. We’re honored to continue to do our part by offering our software for free to help streamline the communication and deployment of new protocols and possibly help save lives.”
– Jinesh Patel, CEO & Co-founder of UptimeHealth

With GoCheckIt, health care staff will be able to:

  • Track tasks related to COVID-19, such as employee self-checks, extra sanitation checks, and more.
  • Complete tasks on mobile devices. Staff members can confirm they completed their tasks directly from their mobile phone.
  • Provide visibility for managers, accountability for staff. Managers can see what tasks have been completed and encourage accountability across the entire team.
  • Automate tasks and checklists. As health care providers prepare for more COVID-19 cases, staff managers can automatically generate daily checklists based on any specific criterion.

How to get GoCheckIt free for your healthcare facility

If you’re a hospital, urgent care, surgical center, or health care provider and would like to take advantage of UptimeHealth’s offer, please contact and mention this article.

For all other inquiries, please contact

About UptimeHealth

UptimeHealth, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a fast-growing software startup that empowers providers to make patient’s lives better. Join us in our mission to be the trusted source of compliance and technology equipment management for healthcare facilities everywhere. We focus on providing operators with simple-to-use software to complete compliance tasks, improve access to actionable data to increase operational efficiencies, and tap into the largest network of qualified technicians.

Our products ensure our clients effortlessly assign and monitor the completion of compliance tasks, keep an accurate inventory of their equipment, reduce the cost of equipment ownership, use analytics to gain operational efficiencies and predict their next big equipment purchases.

About GoCheckIt

GoCheckIt is a product of UptimeHealth and part of the overall UptimeHealth platform.

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