Bespoke Beams Releases the Latest Portfolio of Oak Beam Renovation Projects, Including a Farmhouse in Berkshire, a Home in Surrey, And More

Bespoke Beams is a renowned renovation service specialising in all kinds of oak beams, from stained beams to painted beams, varnished beams, badly-matched wooden beams, and more. Today, the service remains one of the most respected renovation specialists in the UK, especially with the release of its latest portfolio of projects, including projects in Surrey, Berkshire, and more.

UNITED KINGDOM – Old oak beams have become an icon in British architecture, and they are featured in numerous buildings that have stood around for centuries. The beauty of oak makes it one of the most preferred types of wood, and its innate strength makes it a number one choice as well.

Today, there are plenty of structures in the UK that feature old oak beams, but these beams have suffered from a lot of damage and wear and tear. What’s worse, however, is the kind of treatment these old oak beams have gone through – treatment designed not to preserve, but to destroy the beauty and integrity of the wood.

This is where the services of a company like Bespoke Beams come in. Bespoke Beams specialises not in the destruction or attack of old oak beams, rendering them unfit and ruining their integral beauty, but in the total restoration of old oak beams that allow them to retain their former glory. Bespoke Beams does its restoration with a special process designed to care of oak beams. The process doesn’t make use of any harsh chemicals – instead, Bespoke Beams offers methods that are not only non-destructive but safe and unobtrusive as well.

Today, anyone interested in learning more about the skill and expertise of Bespoke Beams can easily visit the company’s website where they can also browse through the extensive portfolio of the company. In fact, Bespoke Beams has recently refurbished its website portfolio to feature even more amazing restoration projects.

One such project was done for a farmhouse in Buckinghamshire, where the final finish of the oak beams was a light warm oak, allowing the space to look lighter and airier and the oak beams to shine. Another project, a cottage in Wealden, provided the beams with a traditional aged oak finish, adding to the historical charm of the property, and yet one more project features a home in Surrey where a light warm oak finish transformed the look and feel of the place.

About the company:

Bespoke Beams is a highly-regarded specialist in the renovation and refurbishment of oak beams, and with its unique process of renovation and refurbishment, it has already helped numerous clients benefit from beautiful, appealing, fully-restored oak beams and other kinds of wooden beams. For more on the beam renovation services offered by Bespoke Beams, visit the website.  

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