EcoScapes Is Committed To Sustainable Landscaping

EcoScapes Is Committed To Sustainable Landscaping
Omaha landscaping company expands its sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping services. The company stated that it is committed to beautifying lawns in the Omaha area, without harming the environment.

Omaha, NE – April 10, 2020 – EcoScapes, a landscaper in Omaha, continues its commitment to sustainable landscaping practices. The company recently expanded its sustainable landscaping services in Omaha. Regarding its commitment to sustainable landscaping, EcoScapes stated, “Eco-friendly landscaping is the way forward and so many of our customers are living a truly green lifestyle by ensuring their lawn and landscape are natural, self-sustaining, and as chemical-free as possible.” EcoScapes went on to state that organic landscaping practices have many benefits for lawns in Omaha, and for anyone who interacts with those lawns.

EcoScapes went on to espouse some of the benefits of sustainable landscaping in Omaha, NE. The company said that sustainable landscaping practices decrease the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. EcoScapes cautioned that the widespread use of such chemicals in landscaping is not only harmful to yards in the long run; it also poses a health risk to people and pets. As an eco-friendly landscaper in Omaha, EcoScapes uses organic products that nourish soil and plants naturally.

EcoScapes provided additional information about what goes into its expanded sustainable landscaping services. EcoScapes shared that one of the hallmarks of its sustainable landscaping services is its soil testing: the company tests soil to determine what natural nutrients it needs. EcoScapes shared that it provides free lawn analysis as part of its expanded sustainable landscaping program. The company is also committed to incorporating natural plants into its landscapes. According to EcoScapes, native plants naturally adapt to environments without the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These plants provide an environment that is friendly to local wildlife and even attract pollinators. The company also installs permeable pavers and hardscapes, which makes it easier for soil to absorb water, thus decreasing water waste.

EcoScapes also stated that reducing the need for water is one of its top priorities as a sustainable Omaha landscaper. One of the ways that Ecoscapes reduces water use on Omaha properties is through drought-resistant landscaping (also called “xeriscaping”). The company advised that, for xeriscaping to be effective, planning and forethought are required during the design phase of a landscaping project. The company indicated that it plans and designs all of its landscaping projects with drought-resistance in mind. 

About EcoScapes

EcoScapes is a family-owned and operated small business in the Omaha area. The company’s mission is to provide a greener, safer solution to Omaha’s lawn care and landscaping needs. The company lives up to its promise that its grass is “always green, always safe.” EcoScapes is a fully licensed and insured landscaping company that provides both residential and commercial landscaping services in Omaha, NE. EcoScapes is committed to using the highest quality eco-friendly products and plants, and its landscaping services are backed by its “Quality and Satisfaction” guarantee.

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