Bloody Point Mixing Co. is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

Bloody Point Mixing Co. is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\'s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

“Bloody Point Evolution is the most transportable and versatile Bloody Mary mixer in the industry”
Because creativity and innovation never rest at Bloody Point Mixing Co., we created Bloody Point Evolution, the first ever, true Bloody Mary Powder. Bloody Point Evolution is a better way to Bloody Mary! Simply blend with water to create an award-winning and completely unique Bloody Mary mix. It can also be used as a marinade and rub for cooking so you can add a one-of-a-kind flavor to all your favorite foods.

We are Bloody Point Mixing Co. A cocktail-mix motley crew hell bent on making much more than mixes. In fact, our mixes aren’t mixes at all, they’re experiences. Experiences our founder and creator, Justin Johnston, crafted and curated for over a decade as a bartender in Hilton Head Island South Carolina.

Innovation is our soul. Great taste our heart. And never bringing you anything but the best our passion. Our creations hail from, and are inspired by, the islands of the Coastal South. We evoke a seaside state-of-mind. A laid-back lifestyle. And ultimately something that needs to be experienced to be believed.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most innovative and healthiest mixing companies in the nation. We use nothing but the most premium, all-natural ingredients in all our products and never sacrifice flavor for quality.

This is most evident in our cutting-edge product, Bloody Point Evolution. It’s the first-ever true Bloody Mary Powder that is simply blended with water, not juice, to instantly make an award-winning Bloody Mary mix that contains a slightly citrus and savory flavor profile with a hint of cayenne.

If that weren’t enough, another remarkable feature of Bloody Point Evolution is it makes an unparalleled recipe enhancer. Whether used as a dry rub for your favorite meats or adding a little pizzazz to dips and sauces, the flavor profile is unmatchable.

Furthermore, a huge point of difference with Bloody Point Evolution is its packaging. Because it comes in a 3.25-ounce, resealable pouch it is easily transportable and saves over 90% in storage, weight, and waste compared to traditional bottled Blood Mary mixes. From a retail standpoint it can be easily displayed as a stand-alone on a shelf or hung on a clip. Bloody Point Evolution is so unique and so flavorful, it has been featured on Fox & Friends and QVC.

Bloody Point Evolution is great for any situation but is especially ideal for camping, hunting, boating, hiking, a day at the beach, and all outdoor activities. One sip. One bite. One taste. And you’ll know why we’re one-of-a-kind. Bloody Point Evolution. BEING UNIQUE IS THE BLOODY POINT.

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