EATEL Provides a Reliable Home Phone Service

EATEL Provides a Reliable Home Phone Service

There are many people who have opted to eliminate a home phone completely, preferring to use their mobile device for all communication. However, there are several benefits offered by keeping a home phone in place. For those who want to find a quality home phone service provider, keep reading. Here are some of the top features to look for when choosing a home phone service.

Call Waiting

Call waiting is a feature some home phone providers, like Eatel, offer customers. Usually, this feature is free or comes with a small additional fee. Call waiting provides an alert of another incoming call with a beep or another signal when someone is on the phone. By having this feature, it is also possible to switch between the two calls as needed.

Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature allows a user to forward an incoming call to a different number. This is beneficial if someone is leaving the house but expecting an important call they can’t miss. With this feature, the calls coming in can even be sent to a person’s mobile device. The instructions for setting up call forwarding are provided by the landline provider, such as

Caller ID

Caller ID (identification) lets someone that is receiving a call recognize who is calling before answering the phone. This is useful if someone is expecting a call or when they want to be sure who is calling before picking up the phone. Some services provide this as an option for an additional fee, while others, like, include it in the basic packages they offer.

Call Rejection

Also called “call screening” or “call block,” this service lets a person block any unwanted incoming calls from certain numbers. There are different rejection methods that can be used, which includes sending the call to voicemail, keeping the call ringing, or using a busy signal.

Three-Way Calling

Adding a three-way calling feature to a home phone plan allows a person to include a third person in a phone conversation. This is true no matter where they are calling from. To use this feature, make sure to remain on the line. For the call to end, the original caller has to hang up.

Distinctive or Unique Ring

While it may be called something different, a distinctive ring is a common home phone feature that allows several phone numbers on the same line. A call to each of the numbers will create a distinctive ring that alerts the individual receiving the call that someone is calling for them on a specific line.

When looking for a quality and reliable home phone service provider, there are several things to remember. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to know what features should be looked for when choosing a service provider. Knowing what to look for and what to consider are the best ways to pick a service provider that will be able to meet the needs of those in the home and ensure they get the quality services needed.

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