Repiping Services Are Available in Arlington, WA

Repiping Services Are Available in Arlington, WA

Is it time to call the professionals for repiping services? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell. The first step in knowing for sure if repiping is needed is to get to know the signs and symptoms of a problem. Sometimes, the issues may be blatantly obvious, but in other cases, they are subtle, and it is difficult to know for sure if professionals are needed.

Most experts agree, including the team from Apollo Plumbing, that if a homeowner suspects a problem with their plumbing system, they should call for an inspection before it gets worse. To help a person figure out if it may be time to consider investing in a recipe, keep reading. The top signs this service is needed are found here.

Unbalanced or Low Water Pressure

One of the top signs repiping may be necessary, according to information at is if the water pressure is exceptionally low or unbalanced. Usually, this indicates corroded metallic pipes. If corrosion begins to build up on the inside of the pipes, the output of water is reduced significantly in showers, sinks, and other fixtures.

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations or Scalding Showers 

The hot water lines will usually deteriorate faster than the cold water lines. If the lines start to deteriorate, corrosion debris may become lodged or trapped in the anti-scalding devices that are built into the shower or tub valves. These are going to prevent the devices from working as they should. This is another sign that help from the professionals at are needed.

Discolored Water

If water has a red or brown tint, it is another sign of corrosion in the pipes. If the corroded metal begins to flake off into the interior of the pipes, it will cause the water to be discolored.

Recurring Leaks

When pipes get older and start to fail, they will leak. Many property owners mistake small leaks as just part of the process when it comes to plumbing. While this is the situation in some cases, in most cases, if the building or home is over 20 years old, minor leaks are the top indication that the entire piping network is on the brink of catastrophic failure.

Loud Plumbing System

Pipes and plumbing fixtures are designed to operate quietly. If someone notices the plumbing system is louder than it used to be, this is a sign there is something wrong since fixtures and pipes are designed to function under both high or low pressure. Pressure variances may make the pipes “come alive” with all sorts of thuds, screeches, moans, and clicks.

When it comes to a home or building’s plumbing system, there are many issues that may arise. When it comes to plumbing problems knowing the signs, it is time to call for help to ensure the problems can be handled in a timely manner. Being informed is going to pay off in the long run and ensure that a home or building plumbing system works properly.

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