Maria Ignacia Hojas and her Exceptional Performance in ‘El Perfumista’

Maria Ignacia Hojas is a distinguished actress from Santiago, Chile. In the United States, she has been telling stories about her life, and several films, she has acted. She maintains high standards in general in the several movies she performed. Her studies in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts made her get more experience in her acting career. Her passion for acting has made her achieve exceptional success in her area of specialization.


El Perfumista’ is among the films where she impressed by her performance. She is just outstanding in this very interesting film. Several journalists consider Hojas to be a revelation and among the best. In the film, Maria plays Pedro Marquez’s daughter. The film is about a prestigious perfumer who started losing his sense of smell, which is very necessary for his career. He kept it private because the loss of smell was making his career hard to continue smoothly. Maria plays in the film perfectly, where she decides to confront her dad and discover the truth. She had been working at home with dad, and she plays the role of helping him handle the situation in making his career progress even though the sense of smell was fading away. Overall, a very different and excellent film that stays with you and makes you ponder its main characters.

Maria Hojas is a multitalented personality who enjoys a wide range of activities. For instance, she loves dancing, writing, meditation, yoga, among other actives. She believes there is a deep connection between meditation, creativity, acting, and life in general. In each story she tells, she ensures they are told in the sense of social and political stability. Maria Hojas has been participating in several films where she has achieved great success in life. She is among the few actresses who have taken the initiative to better her life. Many girls look upon up as a role model. In each role she takes, she ensures it is executed to perfection. Her actress’s revelation journey has inspired many people.

She has a supportive family and friends who encourage her to move further. The actress has taken the necessary steps to surround herself with good people who inspire her in every step of her journey. There are several films where she has been involved, and she has taken the initiative to work in harmony with other stakes holders.

Her hard work has made her very successful in undertaking different issues in life. She is among few who have been working hard to make a great success. Her family offers her full support and thanks to that she is able to stay centered and grounded. Her life is full of inspiration due to the way she takes time to engage different people in her life.

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