The world’s first solid toner invented by EAORON Australia can achieve better moisturizing effect

EAORON, Australia’s first skin care brand, which swept the global market with the introduction of the world’s first smear-on hydrating needle and the world’s first NMN gene mask,has recently released another blockbuster item, ceramide solid water.It is reported that this time EAORON applied the industry’s leading solid water kinetic energy atomization technology to the research and development of this hydrating essence for the first time. As long as it is sprayed lightly, it can realize the magic switch of essence components from solid to fine water mist, which can be transformed into a “nutrient film” with super water replenishing and repairing effect, and penetrate into the muscle bottom in all directions without dead corners, helping skin to rejuvenate rapidly.

EAORON Ceramide Solids is the world’s first kinetic nebulizer spray, says Blake, head of development at EAORON Ceramide Solids. EAORON’s research team has set up a research group to overcome the four major problems of traditional rehydration spray, namely, high mobility, volatility, easy loss of essential ingredients and low activity level.

EAORON’s R&D team has successfully applied solid-state storage technology to the development of this spray after thousands of experiments. It is reported that this rehydration essence spray completely overcomes the problems of traditional rehydration spray. In terms of product technology, EAORON’s research and development team uses cutting-edge solid-state technology to solidify and purify high concentrations of the extracts, making them appear as solid crystals, thereby locking in and stabilizing their active substances and molecular structures. As a result, the nutrients can remain highly active and avoid volatilization and loss of extracts to a much higher degree than in ordinary liquid water.

In terms of core technology, the EAORON R&D team has also developed a special dynamic atomization technology, which allows the atomization of solid water to be activated by ultra-high pressure. With a single press of the nozzle, the user can instantly atomize multiple concentrated extracts into countless fine water molecules, forming a layer of invisible “nutrient film”, nanoscale tiny molecular extracts instantly break through the skin cuticle and directly into the skin’s deep layer, which is quickly absorbed by the skin. Its penetration is more than 5 times that of ordinary liquid water, which can continuously replenish the skin’s nutrients.

The secret of EAORON’s ceramide solid serum for fast beauty is said to be inextricably linked to the rare ingredients it contains. According to the aforementioned head, EAORON’s solid water contains a triple ceramide composition. In a bottle of essence, 50% of it is ceramide. Not only does it strengthen the skin’s barrier and help it resist external attack, it is also the key to long-lasting hydration. “Ceramides have a reputation as the king of anti-allergy and repair, and they are an important component of skin cells. When combined with water molecules to quickly replenish the skin’s moisture, it can make the skin smooth and tender. “Dr. Oscar of EAORON’s R&D team said in an interview.”

Additionally, the serum is enriched with a bicolored algae probiotic – an active ingredient from the deep sea that repairs fibre damage from the skin’s base, helping to rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging process.” EAORON also incorporates a variety of lightening complexes into the serum, giving it not only superior anti-sugar benefits, but also moisturizes the cuticle, clearing up caramel dullness and evens out skin tone, leaving users with fine, glowing skin at all times for 48 hours, says Dr. Oscar.

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