SlankIT Launches Automated, Intelligent Consumer Electronics Shopping Assistant

SlankIT Launches Automated, Intelligent Consumer Electronics Shopping Assistant
Smartguide algorithm makes it easy for anyone to be a sophisticated comparison shopper for technology products

SEATTLE – April 30, 2020 – SlankIT, the consumer electronics discovery and comparison shopping website, announced today that it has launched Smartguide, an algorithmic electronic buying guide interface that enables anyone to do sophisticated comparison shopping for technology products. Smartguide acts like a friendly, knowledgeable salesperson who asks a series of questions about the customer’s needs and then recommends the most suitable products at the best prices. The technology makes online shopping easier and faster by bringing the salesperson interaction online and empowering users make informed buying decisions.

“Prior to SlankIT, if you wanted to buy a computer or a camera, to name just two of many examples, you had to go to multiple retailer and manufacturer websites, physical stores and consumer review websites, and do a lot of research. This was usually time-consuming and honestly, pretty useless if you weren’t already an expert in whatever category you were looking into. Sites are full of jargon and misleading claims. Pricing is confusing, if not outright deceptive. We solve this problem by doing the research for you and presenting the findings as a match to your precise requirements,” said a spokesperson for SlankIT. 

Smartguide gets rid of the research time and removes the ever-changing technical jargon that confuses consumers. The platform enables people to make an informed purchase at a good price. SlankIT forecasts that average online electronics shoppers will save 35% with Smartguide versus those who don’t use the service. “With Smartguide, you are paying for exactly what you need,” the spokesperson added. 

For example, with a digital camera, Smartguide asks the potential buyer what kind of photos he or she will be taking, how big a camera they want, how advanced they want it to be, and so forth. Based on the answers, the platform’s automated product selection instantly presents the buyer with its matching recommendations for suitable cameras. “You no longer have to buy product features you don’t need or pay for things you think you need. No more wasting money!” the spokesperson said.

Features and benefits of Smartguide include:

  • User-friendly
  • No technical jargon or specification knowledge required
  • Buying electronics can now be interactive and fun
  • Compare prices of recommendations to get the best bargain
  • Monitor prices for those not yet ready to buy
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Feel smart and empowered

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