Four Reasons the HiPhi 1 Would Be a Huge Hit in 2021

The best and most efficient electric cars will be the ones purpose-designed with light aerodynamic bodies and battery-friendly packaging, not adaptions of petrol cars. Human Horizons has been doing it for some time now, and the HiPhi 1 will materialize as the result.

Human Horizons is an innovative technology company committed to future intelligent mobility. HiPhi, a premium all-electric smart vehicle brand owned by Human Horizons, defines smart cars with all-new vision and framework. The HiPhi 1 is the first generation of vehicles by the brand.

The HiPhi 1 looks promising, there are four advantages that ensure the future success of the HiPhi 1. It integrates and develops world leading technologies, this new character may be just what electric and smart cars need in the recent years.

1.The HiPhi 1 have modernized styling

The HiPhi 1 would have a great look when it is rolled off the production line at the end of year and delivered to the market in the next year because it establishes a unique design philosophy. It features coach doors, and claims “eyes off” autonomy soon after delivery.

2. Sustainability is one of the core product development principles

The HiPhi 1 is a great choice for eco-friendly car buyers because it has zero emissions. It can be powered with electricity. How much the HiPhi 1 costs to drive and maintain depends on the cost of electricity of the city you live in. Generally little if you charge at home.

Transportation emissions impact both the climate and human health. In the long term, the push toward electrification is inevitable.

The HiPhi 1 adopts the use of vegan leather and other sustainable materials such as natural fibers, recycled polyester, ocean waste yarns and recycled suede fabrics, to further enhance the sustainable nature of it, without leaving a scar on the environment.

3. Rear-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive will be standard for the HiPhi 1 through a 268-hp electric motor with a single-speed reduction gear. The HiPhi 1 will use a second identical motor to turn the front axle, resulting in a claimed zero-to-62-mph-time of 3.9 seconds. Human Horizons claims the HiPhi 1 has a range of 400 miles.  

The HiPhi 1’s rear wheel drive provides better handling because each set of tires in rear-wheel drive cars have only one task to perform–the front controls the steering while the rear set provides power. This rear-wheel feature allows for easy control of the HiPhi 1 and also improves its maneuverability.

4. Battery safety and reliability

Bosch has signed a collaboration with Human Horizons to extend battery life via cloud management, substantially improving the battery’s performance and service life by up to 20%, or charging speed increased by up to 20%. The charge-discharge and deterioration-durability performances are also excellent, you don’t need to worry about heat, impact and perforation.

The HiPhi 1 could hit a broad sweet spot of sustainability, usability, and likability in 2021.

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