New Global Task Force to Use Advanced Materials to Address COVID-19 and Future Pandemic Crises

New Global Task Force to Use Advanced Materials to Address COVID-19 and Future Pandemic Crises
Groundbreaking Advanced Material Pandemic Task Force (AMPT) unites top scientific experts, labs, and Advanced Materials companies to combat public health emergencies

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – 30 APRIL, 2020 – Advanced Materials firm C6 has announced its launch of AMPT (Advanced Materials Pandemic Task Force) — an elite, international task force formed to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and future public health emergencies at the global level. With a current brain and resources trust initially consisting of 4 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Spain, AMPT will provide the vision, strategy, coordination, and expert leadership needed to evaluate and fast track the use of Graphene and other Advanced Materials for the prevention and management of pandemics, while developing a solution for the new wave of technological and societal needs that will arise in the aftermath of the COVID-19 global health emergency.

“These are unprecedented times, and unprecedented times call for powerful alliances, innovation and fast evaluation, development and adoption of new technologies. We have the power to use Advanced Materials as a key part of the solution to the challenges we will have to solve in the post-pandemic era,” said Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, CEO and Managing Partner, C6.

A remarkably fast response to the continuing ripple effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the C6 Firm’s development of AMPT will continue to onboard more organizations, companies, and thought leaders from different countries during the course of the next few weeks.

“AMPT is the result of an international desire to leverage the advances in material science to assist in preventing and managing global health emergencies,” said Alan Hill, a founding partner at C6.  “Advanced materials are key to developing effective solutions and the industry, rather, the ecosystem, must be agile, collaborative, and strategic to address pandemic management and prevention — C6 brings decades of expertise and experience in this area.”

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AMPT (Advanced Materials Pandemic Task Force) is a global task force coming together to leverage and use advances in material science for the prevention and management of global health emergencies. Crossing boundaries and borders, transcending politics, territories, cultures and ideologies, organizations, nations and groups come together to share knowledge and resources for the betterment of human life. Advanced Materials are key to the next generation of tailorable, effective pandemic solutions. The AMPT network of scientific labs, advanced material companies, testing facilities, health organizations, and innovation consumers provides a path for fast tracking current Advanced Material solutions, offering a roadmap for the next generation of solutions and countermeasure methodologies to come.


C6 is a full-service Strategy & Implementation firm, architecting the Advanced Material Ecosystem. Redefining the playbook from breakthrough to industrialization, C6 discards the outdated practices and models of Material Market development and forges the path to enable agile industry integration and adoption of Advanced Materials across different verticals globally.

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