Izan Xander goes from depression to potential social media dominance

Izan Xander goes from depression to potential social media dominance

“Izan Xander”

Fitness enthusiast, Izan Xander, battles bullying and alcohol addiction to start a happy, healthy life

Izan Xander used to be skinny and was constantly bullied by his peers in school. As a teenager, Izan endured one of the roughest childhood experiences. One of the devastating effects bullying had on the young Izan included depression as well as an alcohol addiction at the age of 16. Fast forward to 2020, Izan is nothing close to a shadow of his teenage years, thanks to the support of his sister and social media celebrity, Joselyn Cano, who has more than 11 million followers on Instagram.

Bullying remains one of the major vices that millions of children in the United States and other parts of the world have to deal with as they grow. The emergence of the internet led to the phenomenon of cyberbullying that has further exacerbated the act. While a few lucky ones get to survive and outgrow bullying and its effects, others never get out of the struggles, leading to depression and even suicide. One individual that has been lucky enough to see both sides of the divide is Izan Xander, getting through bullying and its effects with the support of his sister.

After slipping into alcohol addiction at 16, everything went southwards for Izan, receiving a DUI at 17 on December 15, 2012, and sliding further into depression and eventual drug addiction. There seems to be no way back for Izan as he attempted suicide after he stole his brother’s gun. However, that seemed to be the turnaround he needed. After informing his sister of his suicide attempt, she practically dragged him to the gym, which was the start of his fitness journey.

The rest they say is history as Izan fell in love with the gym and has embraced healthy living ever since, a move that seems to be paying off already as he has continued to capture the attention of people across social media, including Instagram.

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