Personal Injury Lawyer Firm In Taylorsville Utah Offering Free Legal Advice To Victims

Personal Injury Lawyer Firm In Taylorsville Utah Offering Free Legal Advice To Victims
Fielding Law announced last week that the Personal Injury Lawyer and the law firm would offer victims free, unbiased legal advice in matters of seeking compensation.

Fielding Law, one of the leading Personal Injury Lawyer firms, announced last week that they would offer free legal advice to victims seeking compensation. The announcement was made because many victims were not coming forth, mainly because they didn’t have much information about personal injury law. Statistically speaking, most people choose to keep their jobs by deciding to remain quiet about workplace accidents and hazards. 

Slips, trips, and falls are amongst the most common workplace injuries. While these injuries can’t be prevented because mistakes will always be made, but not wearing protection when dealing with corrosive chemicals, for instance, is just asking for trouble. According to the NSC, there is a worker injured on the job every 7 seconds. 

These are staggering figures, especially considering that many of these can be prevented. Employers are required by law to take the necessary preventive measures to save their employees from being injured. However, cost-cutting measures often mean that employers don’t always do what is needed. 

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Unfortunately, people who have been injured are reluctant to come forward. Their employers threaten many with being fired, and their wages seized. Fortunately, personal injury law firms like Taylorsville based Fielding Law are not allowing victims to be taken advantage of when employers don’t follow the law..

“People should know that they have a right to compensation if they were injured when at work or while working for their employer. Since every case is different, it is impossible to give a blanket statement. That said, people who are not sure where they stand legally after an injury need to get in touch with a law firm like Fielding Law. The key is not to be intimidated because the law is on your side.” – According to a former client who wanted to remain anonymous. 

She later added, “…The first step to being compensated is to book an appointment, and speak to an attorney. Since the initial consultation offered by many attorneys is free, you don’t have to worry about not having money.” 

Fielding Law is currently engaged in multiple personal injury cases across the state. The law firm has a reputation for helping clients get compensation from employers and insurance companies. 

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