“Cleveland African Mart” Offers Delivery Within the U.S. and Canada for Authentic African Groceries, Products & Apparel

Delivering Affordable African Groceries & Products Throughout the U.S. and Canada

May 11, 2020 – Announcing “Cleveland African Mart”, a unique online shop offering authentic African groceries, products & apparel. Cleveland African Mart is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and offers delivery throughout the United States and Canada.

“Here at Cleveland African Mart, we pride ourselves in providing authentic African products and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to deliver affordable and authentic African products throughout the United States and Canada.” – Tanisha Obalonye


Cleveland African Mart has proven over time, to be one of the most convenient and trusted online African market in the United States. It is one of the most sought-after places to shop for authentic and affordable African groceries, products & apparel.  

Cleveland African Mart has a huge variety of African groceries to choose from which include soup ingredients, meats, fish, yams, potatoes, rice, grains, vegetables, seasonings, spices, and lots more. We also carry authentic African beauty products and custom-made accessories and apparel.


“We ship throughout the United States and Canada to make attaining African groceries and products more convenient to those who don’t have easy access to these types of products where they live. Our mission is to deliver affordable African groceries, products, and apparel that exceed the expectations of our customers. We take pride in providing an efficient and easy to use platform that gives our customers an exceptional shopping experience.” – Tanisha Obalonye

Cleveland African Mart guarantees a first-class shopping experience that you will not find anywhere else. Our aim is to make life easier for people to shop for hard to find international groceries and products.

“We’re happy to be able to help our customers focus more on the things they need to do, while we focus on getting them the products that they need quickly and efficiently. We understand that home is far, which is why we are bringing the African and Caribbean Market to your doorstep!” – Tanisha Obalonye

To enjoy the convenience or having authentic African groceries, products and apparel delivered to your doorstep you can visit us at www.clevelandafricanmart.com.

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