COVID Helps Burgeoning Filmmaker, Kayona Ebony Brown, With More Than One Way to Tell a Story

Up-and-coming DC artist does it all and lets you pay what you want.

Washington, DC, USA – Fledgling DC filmmaker and author, Kayona Ebony Brown, releases the second episode/novella from her Of Music and Men series, Nothing But a Number, and she’s making it available for free.

Kayona created Of Music and Men as a scripted, half-hour, drama-comedy series with the goal of it being on a premium network someday. The story follows a single, young entrepreneur struggling to establish her indie record company in America’s worst city for bachelorettes and an unexpected place for entertainment pursuits, Washington, DC. And while Brown is still working toward the goal of TV, she’s not waiting around to tell the story.

Showing how artists can adjust with or without a pandemic, Brown is telling this story any and every way she can. After writing the first season’s scripts, she made a short film, then individual novellas for each episode, then the narrative podcast, now she’s publishing those novellas.

Nothing But a Number, episode two, is available now at with a “Pay what you can” option. The novella will be available in all digital bookstores on June 1 to purchase as an e-book, but Brown intends to keep the free-option PDF available on the website.

“My goal during this difficult time is for anyone who wants to enjoy my art to be able to access it without the barrier of having to pay. I trust that anyone who downloads it free will pay it forward, as well as say a few good words about it online. That always helps.”

Nothing But a Number tackles the myth of age and its influence on everything from business to love. To learn more about the story in all of its formats, visit

Kayona Ebony Brown is a multi-hyphenate award-winning filmmaker, writer, actor, and entrepreneur. Of Music and Men is inspired by her experiences as a fledgling business owner and her time running an indie record label.

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