Drain Clog Repair Services Are Available in Kirkland, WA

Drain Clog Repair Services Are Available in Kirkland, WA

Dealing with a stubborn clog? The best thing to do is to call a plumber. Instead of using ineffective and potentially dangerous consumer products or dealing with days, weeks, or months of frustration, call Apollo Plumbing as soon as possible. They’ll send a technician out to diagnose the problem, discuss options, and come up with a guaranteed solution. When homeowners work with Apollo, they’ll never have to worry about surprise fees. They’ll know what every option costs up-front and can rest assured the plumber won’t leave until the issue has been resolved.

Clogged Drains Are a Common Problem

Homeowners throughout Kirkland, WA, and beyond deal with clogged drains all the time. Some try to implement DIY solutions, but the smartest homeowners go out of their way to find a professional who can help. Those who want to get started immediately can check out https://www.apolloplumbing.net/.

The products and cleaning chemicals available to consumers just aren’t going to remove stubborn clogs, and unfortunately, they can damage the home’s plumbing. Homeowners looking for an affordable, effective solution that will last are much better off calling in the pros. The experts will get rid of the clog quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Reasons for Clogged Drains

All the drains in modern homes are connected to sewer lines. These sewer lines bring the wastewater out of the house to water treatment plants where it can be processed safely. Before it gets there, homeowners may find themselves dealing with clogs in the following places:

  • Toilets

  • Tubs

  • Showers

  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks

  • Floor drains

  • And others.

There are numerous underlying problems that can lead to clogged drains. Some of them can be avoided, but others are just a normal part of daily life. The most common culprits are hair, soap scum, dirt, food waste, mineral buildup, toilet paper buildup, small objects, and tree roots.

Finding the right solution requires accurately evaluating the underlying problem. Homeowners can trust Apollo’s plumbers to do everything required to figure out what’s wrong. They’ll get rid of the clog and offer advice about how to prevent more in the future.

Video Inspections

One of the easiest ways to find out what’s causing chronically clogged drains is to schedule a video sewer and drain line inspection. These inspections allow plumbers to see what’s going on with their own eyes so they can suggest an appropriate solution. Whether that solution involves something simple, like taking a drainpipe apart to remove a small object or hydro-jetting to clear sewer lines, Apollo can help.

Emergency Services

Nobody plans on a clogged drain. Serious clogs are one of the most common reasons for calling an emergency plumber. Apollo offers 24-hour service to all clients, so no matter when the clog occurs, property owners can get the help they need to resolve it.

Call Today

Have a clogged drain that’s driving everyone crazy? The best thing to do is to visit https://www.apolloplumbing.net/service-areas/bothell-wa-plumber/ to learn more about Kirkland’s leading plumbing company. Apollo is BBB accredited and rated with an A+ for customer care, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Call today to get a quote. 

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