Protection Device Designed to Help Dentists Protect their Hearing

Customized dental earplugs help dentists to obstruct the rapid rising of tinnitus and hearing loss among dental professionals in the industry

Big Ear Inc, Hearing loss and tinnitus has been a problem among the dental professionals and technicians. A rise has been observed in the number of dentists who have gradually developed hearing loss and tinnitus after working for long hours in their dental clinics. Therefore, Big Ear Inc., a company which works for providing hearing protection and related products, has launched “The One” Dental Hearing Protection Premium Series. The One are special customized earplugs that were designed in order to prevent the dentists from hearing damaging sounds and at the same time they are also able to follow conversations being held with colleagues and patients.

In the recent years, growing cases of dentists suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus have been seen. This is because dentalprofessionals work for long hours in their clinics. In these workplaces, instruments are used which produce high-frequency noises along with other noises made by the entry and exit of patients, other dental technicians etc. The hearing of dentists is continuously at a risk. For this reason, The One’s comprehensive personalized design and features help the dentists to get rid of extra sounds around them which might be a threat to their hearing ability and at the same time they are able to successfully and proficiently communicate with patients and colleagues.

The One is a set of customized earplugs worn by the dental professionals when on duty and checking patients. The One allows the dentists to hear their patients clearly without any obstruction. It also helps the dentists in hearing other people in the room. The delivery of speech to the earplugs is unimpeded. The main difference between The One and other dental earplugs is the experiences he undergoes while using the earplugs. The One feels very light on the ear and allows the dentist to efficiently hear all the conversations being made in the room, that is, with the patients and co-workers.

Two filters have been used in The One. The first filter decreases the noise that goes into the device and the second filter helps the natural sound to pass through the custom-built dental earplugs. The job of the second filter is mainly to make it possible for the dentist to hear a sound that is below 85 dB and as soon as it reaches 85 dB, that noise is blocked. This is one of the many ways in which The One helps reducing tinnitus and hearing loss among the dentists.

All along the day, dentists get to hear low-frequency as well as high-frequency sounds that might damage their hearing. The patients have to be heard by the dentists and the suctions and drills are also roaring  at the same time. This is a big threat to the hearing ability of the dentists as they have to be there all day long. The One’s customized earplugs provide an opportunity to the dentists to ward off unwanted high-decibel sounds and protect their hearing.

The One Premium series is available with four sets of filters, one set of silicon full stop earplugs, one set of lanyard plugs, one tactical piece for in office communication, one lanyard and one premium case.

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