Singaporean Tech Startup,, Launches The Tempdrive, a Software That Can be used to Transfer Files to Anyone Anywhere, a Singaporean tech startup company is introducing the Tempdrive, a software that allows its users to transfer files to anyone in the world.

The Tempdrive can be used to upload and share up to 50GB of files for free!

According to the company CEO, Aaron Isaac: “You can use tempdrive to upload any large files you want and then share the tempdrive link via email or through the URL. The Tempdrive is very secure. All files are secured with AES256, with a rotating key. All your files are encrypted on our servers and no one can view your files except those who have access to your tempdrive. You can also share via email by clicking the “Share” to share via email. You can also use this software to share files between your mobile and desktop computers. All you have to do is create a drive on tempdrive, open your phone browser and scan the QR code, now both devices share the same tempdrive. You can upload files from one device and download in another.”

Isaac revealed that he started the company in February 2020, and built the software while on lockdown. “I needed a way to transfer large files quickly to my clients. E-mail has an attachment limit and google drive/dropbox has a troublesome signup procedure. So I built something super simple to use,” he reminisced.

Issac has been a serial entrepreneur all his life. His first startup was a 3D printing company called Polychemy, it was featured in CNN, Techcruch and a few other tech publications. Speaking about the challenges he faced while creating the software, Issac said: “Getting traction and users was challenging, but because the product solved a genuine problem and was so simple to use, people started spreading it through word of mouth.”

Speaking about his plans, Isaac said right now, his company is interested in understanding more about people’s needs and creating more productivity tools.

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