Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd sets the pace with 2 new tracking solutions

Leading GPS tracking device manufacturers, Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd, launches the TK419 and GPT29 tracking devices

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd is again looking to set the pace in the provision of vehicle tracking solutions with the introduction of two new product lines – the TK419 and GPT29. The products are designed with the latest technologies in the industry, offering fleet managers and cargo companies an effective and easy way of monitoring their assets.

The TK419 GPS Fleet Vehicle tracking device comes in 3 variants to meet the diverse needs of users. There is the TK419 GPS Fleet Vehicle tracking device with driver identification that allows fleet managers to establish full visibility over their vehicles as well as the identity of the drivers. The TK419 model also has the GPS fleet management device with iButton reader & iButton tags. Tagged as the latest technology 4G LTE Vehicle GPS tracker, the device helps users to easily locate, track, and monitor any remote target, including individual vehicles, motorbikes, or boats via SMS, PC Computer or Mobile APP. It can also be used to remotely cut off Fuel / Ignition and check the historical route travelled and other vehicle data.

The TK419 4G LTE 3G WCDMA 2G GSM GPS Vehicle Tracker is the last of the TK419 model. The tracker shares similar features with other devices. The distinct features and benefits of the device include support remotely Ignition and Fuel cut off and IBUTTON interface for confirmation of identity.

The other product line recently introduced by EELINKTECH is the GTP29 model of tracking devices. The line features the GPT29 Smartest in-transit monitoring device and the GPT29 Trailer tracking devices for cargo and container tracking. The GPT29 Smartest in-transit monitoring device ensures the real-time tracking and monitoring of products, combining GPS, Wifi, BLE, and other sensors to provide a constant stream of data from the location of the target. The GPT29 also provides a report on temperature, humidity, light, shock, and movement, giving users unparalleled information every step of the journey. The model is also developed to transmit data via proprietary Bluetooth LE protocol and telematic devices, meeting the diverse transmission needs of all categories of users.

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About Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd was founded in 2004 to produce and sell communication terminal products. The company has grown to become a leading China-based GPS tracking device manufacturer with world-class hardware and software solutions. Eelink manufactures GPS devices, IoT devices, and supply chain visibility trackers, with the best industry standards to suit local as well as international markets.

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