Introducing TelBari – Organic Herbal Products for Sensitive Skin

Introducing TelBari - Organic Herbal Products for Sensitive Skin

Richmond, VA, USA – May 14, 2020 – After nine years of silence, TelBari Inc, now LLC is coming renewed, to open to the public with their unique formulations of Organic Herbs and Vegetable oils, Vegan products, cosmeceuticals, which will change your entire conception about a skincare regime. Now there is functional food for your skin, healthy and organic to strive against sensitive complexion, premature aging, sun damage, loss of skin vitality, and different skin ailment. New features of the products include empowering the creams with positive energy through a sacred ratio frequency of 432 and 528 Hz, which results in enhanced youthfulness and healing.

TelBari beauty creams have strong anti-aging properties. They naturally restore the youthful appearance by stimulating the elastin and collagen production of your skin. The herbs are carefully chosen to improve skin texture, youthfulness, hydration, reducing rashes, and irritation. The creams are very rich in ingredients. They contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fully energized spring water, resulting in efficient therapeutic cosmeceutical products. Herbs and oils from TelBari’s formulations became new medicine of beauty.

TelBari helps people with sensitive skin and those undergoing radiation to highly reduce their skin sensitivity by providing an efficient and exquisite Line of Skin Care, made only of organic herbal extracts and genuine oils, free of parabens and other chemicals. They are safe for pregnant women. They are also specially formulated to protect UV rays.

TelBari registered in 2005 in Nashville, TN, as an S Corporation. TelBari means in Hebrew “towards health.” TelBari came into the market for the first time with colored creams due to the color of vegetable oils and herbs. From 2008-2011 the company was operated in Philadelphia, PA.

TelBari formulations elevate the natural properties of the ingredients developed after 15 years of studies. In 2011 the production was stopped due to a significant car accident of the Founder.

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The company is based this time in Virginia. Questions regarding these new products are welcome any time of day at or or Phone: +1 615-310-7362.

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