Orangina Provides a Tasty Carbonated Beverage to North America

Orangina Provides a Tasty Carbonated Beverage to North America

Consumers who want to follow a healthier lifestyle have sworn off most soft drinks due to adverse health risks and weight gain. However, beverage innovation teams are starting to offer healthier drinks for those who want to enjoy a soft drink sometimes. Reviewing a sparkling juice alternative shows consumers that they don’t have to deny themselves the great taste of soft drinks.

A More Natural Beverage

A more natural beverage provides major health benefits to consumers as compared to soft drinks. The content of the product includes real citrus juices and pulp from mandarin oranges and real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. These ingredients make the drink far healthier than similar drinks.

In fact, the ingredients present a great choice for consumers who want a soft drink but want to avoid the harsh ingredients that often lead to illness and health risks. Consumers who want to review the full ingredients for the sparkling juice beverage can visit https://www.orangina-na.com/ now.

What You Should Know About The Company

Orangina originated in France in 1936 and was released in the US in 1978. Since it’s the original release, the product has been acquired by new distributors who are making changes to the original formula in select locations. The bottlers strive to provide consumers with a healthier alternative to beverages with high fructose corn syrup content. 

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