Upcoming Kickstarter campaign to introduce next-gen health & fitness medical alert smartwatch for seniors

AnyCARE Tap is a health and fitness medical alert smartwatch for seniors. AnyCARE Tap tracks fitness activities, sends SOS, and monitors medical metrics including blood oxygen level.

Those apprehensive of having senior family members live alone can heave a sigh of relief. AnyCARE Corp is soon to launch an innovative health and fitness smartwatch for seniors on Kickstarter that comes with an alert system for emergencies. Called “AnyCARE Tap”, the smartwatch empowers seniors with easy and practical health monitoring so they can stay healthy, independent and most importantly safe.

Designed for seniors, AnyCARE Tap is a next-generation smartwatch which combines the functions of activity tracking and medical alert into a smart and affordable wristwatch. Tap works in tandem with smartphones.

“We are excited to bring you our advanced AnyCARE Tap health and fitness smartwatch for your senior loved ones. We know many of us are apprehensive of letting our senior parents and grandparents go out on walks. On the other hand, fitness activities like walking outdoors are also important for their physical and mental well-being. But, we are usually fearful if they can immediately reach out in case of a medical emergency. This is where our innovative AnyCARE Tap comes to the rescue”, stated the company founder, Dr. Soon Shin.

The medical alert system in the Tap smartwatch works with an SOS call feature. In case of emergencies, simply double tap on the watch to instantly send an SOS call to a family member or neighbor. The watch uses a double “tap” movement to make the operation simple for seniors. Whenever a user sends an alert, their current location will be displayed on the mobile phone of the person receiving the SOS. 

For activity tracking, the AnyCARE Tap smartwatch keeps track of the major health and fitness metrics. From steps taken to walking distance covered to calories burned – the watch tracks all the vital metrics. Additionally, the Tap watch measures oxygen saturation in the user’s blood and HRV. The tracking feature helps senior users to monitor their progress and make improvements accordingly to keep themselves in good shape. The senior activity and health trend data can be shared with family caregivers via the free AnyCARE app.

And that’s not all!

The Tap smartwatch also comes with a Phone finder feature, which helps senior users locate their phone easily – a common challenge for phone users of any age. 

“We have equipped AnyCARE Tap with a magnetic charger that assures a long battery life, it can last a week at a time after only 1 hour of charging. Put simply, AnyCARE Tap is ‘THE’ health and fitness smartwatch you have been looking for to keep your senior loved ones healthy, independent, happy, and safe. At present, we are aspiring to start mass production of the innovative Tap smartwatch and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our Tap smartwatch to life and make lives better and safer for our senior loved ones.”

AnyCARE Tap will be available in June at $89 and the medical alert service at $60 per year. Backers will be rewarded with 50%discounts on the AnyCARE Tap smartwatch and service. 

To learn more about AnyCARE TAP, please visit https://anycare.tilda.ws/ or contact Sarah at sarah@boostyourcampaign.com.

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