Bazanland – The company specializes in providing nutritious seeds, dried fruits

Bazanland was established on November 5, 2017. Over 3 years of operation and development, the Company has been known and trusted by many customers. The company specializes in the wholesale and retail supply of nutritious nuts such as macca nuts, cashews, almonds, chia seeds, walnuts, etc. In addition, we also own high-class food items, not only delicious but also nutritious as: Highlands honey, oolong tea, green tea, coffee, jam and confectionery. For customers who want to buy in bulk, we have a super preferential and attractive wholesale price policy.


The vision and mission of Bazanland

Vision of Bazanland

The company’s vision until 2025 is to be ranked in the Top 10 Leading Companies in the field of premium food and gift supply in Vietnam with an annual output of 10,000,000 products.

The socio-economic situation is growing, the demand for health is therefore increasing and more diverse. Bazanland understands its own role and responsibility that is to support, improve the health and spiritual life of consumers better, and at the same time create the connection between people, with people.

It is a long and challenging journey that brings great value to the society, but Bazanland will always work hard and try harder to make the nutritious food more known, spread and bring benefits. practical benefits for to consumers in daily life, spread positive energy, care and love.

Bazanland’s mission

With noble mission of to support improving health, improving consumers’s life quality as well as to build the connection, healing and love, Bazanland provides meaningful gifts during holidays and special events.

Taking the slogan “Stay Local Eat Global” as the development guideline of products, Bazanland always selects and imports raw materials from theirs own farms worldwide such as the UK, Australia, USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel, … so our products are always natural, quality assurance and safety for to consumers’ health. Customers can only at home and enjoy high quality, nutritious foods from around the world just by ordering products from Bazanland. By that way, not only it helps to improve health, cure and prevent diseases for themselves but also for their relatives, colleagues and important partners through giving on special occasions and events.

With the motto “Quality creates prestige, reputation creates brand”, the staffs are not only always dedicated, enthusiastic in their work but also friendly, thoughtful, always thinking for customers “Wherever you are, let Bazanland be a member of your family!” We always try our best to express the message to our customers, to be trusted and given great responsibilities, to be their good companion on the path of care, improvement, protection of their health, so that they can stay healthy every day and do whatever they like.

Products and services of Bazanland

Bazanland products are always imported and manufactured in strict compliance with the state’s food safety regulations.  Product catalogue is diversified with affordable prices. Customers can buy products from small quantities 80g to large volumes with attractive wholesale pricing policy. Currently, we have expanded our shopping channels to help customers easily find out products, purchase and make the payment on Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, …

According to the annual survey, we found that Bazanland’s customer base is very wide and varied. Regardless of gender, age, physical or mental problems, 60% of people are generally in high demand of nutritional supplements. They are people who have an unscientific diet; people who are meticulous and rigorous in their use of foods every day; people who want to improve their health and physique; Elderly people and including pregnant mothers.

Capturing and understanding the common needs and wants of these customers, as well as wishing to bring customers the best product experience, Bazanland always focuses on quality management: From the first stages such as rigorous ingredient secletion, direct import to the stages. The processing must be supervised and adheres to strictly and professionally meet food hygiene and health safety standards set by the government. Bazanland is always proud to affirm that we are one of the prestigious brands that always provides the best products to consumers.

Bazanland believes that quality speaks for itself so we always focuse on investing not only in products and processes but also in human resources. Besides providing high quality products at reasonable prices, Bazanland invests and strives to provide customers with the best service experience by enhancing the facilities and building long-term customer engagement. Customer satisfaction is always one of our top priorities. For customers, Bazanland always improve and enhance consulting, care services as well as support the most convenient payment and transportation methods. We have many different payment methods such as cash payment, transfer payment, payment on delivery, … and support delivery nationwide.

For partners, we always have attractive cooperation policies to build long-term and sustainable cooperation relationships, aiming to a higher purpose, which is to join hands to improve the consumer’s quality of life. We always welcome experienced, professional and enthusiastic distributors, agents, and sales associates. Accompanying with partners, we believe that both sides will grow stronger than ever. It’s a win-win cooperation.

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