The 360 Bike Light Launches a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign – Featuring – The Next Generation Bike Light For Safer Cycling

The revolutionary design of this groundbreaking 360 Bike Light was the result of extensive research and development. Michael Wildon is the lead team member on this project, a scientist with a background of inventing medical and consumer products.

Some 360 bike light features:
• The 360 Bike Light is visible 360 degrees.

• You can be seen from every direction.

• Constant or flashing lights.

• Solar cell charging.

• USB charging.

• Sustainable and recyclable ABS plastic.

The design of the “360 Bike Light” improves safety for cyclists. In the USA 40% of all fatal bike accidents are the result of being struck from behind. In the UK, 80% of all bike accidents occur during daylight hours. It is undisputed that the use of bicycle lights saves lives, even in daylight. There are plenty of bike lights on the market, but none offer everything the “360 Bike Light” does.

The good news is that more people are enjoying cycling than ever before. Many have started cycling as the Coronavirus Pandemic has most people stuck at home with nowhere to go and little to do. Cycling is a great distraction for everyone, valuable exercise, and specifically improves cardiovascular health. It can still prove to be a dangerous pastime, even with all the protective equipment available, so for all cyclists the ‘360 Bike Light’ will significantly increase their safety on the road.

The “360 Bike Light” Crowdfunding Campaign is an excellent opportunity to be part of the future of bike riding safety. Backers will be responsible for progressing cycling safety.

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The Kickstarter Campaign can be viewed here.

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