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AgingChoices Unfiltered Episode 8

We’re so excited to announce the debut of Senior Living Good News (SLGN)! This new show puts the spotlight on good news from senior living communities around the country because now, more than ever, we can all use some good news!

The first episode of SLGN showcases a story about hearts, the first one from the heart and the final story honoring healthcare heroes with a big heart!

A big shout-out goes to John Krasinski and the amazing work he’s doing on Some Good News. His fun, witty and entertaining segments have inspired us to create our own show that features good news from senior living communities.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will showcase the stories of dedication, compassion and love from senior communities all over the country. If you have a story idea or would like to be featured in an upcoming episode of SLGN, let us know all about it on our Facebook page.

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In addition to the video version of SLGN, we will continue to produce the AgingChoices Unfiltered podcast for those who enjoy the auditory experience.


Just take a walk or drive down any street in the United States right now and you see them everywhere – bright and colorful hearts in windows and on doors.

These hearts send messages of love and support to our healthcare heroes and frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We see these hearts everywhere, but did you ever stop and think about how this movement started?

We answer that question in our first episode of SLGN. Plus, we’ll speak with the founder of this movement in our next SLGN episode, scheduled to be released on May 21.

Just Engaged!

This past March, Carly Boyd, 21, and her boyfriend Trevor Sellers, 25, took a trip to North Myrtle Beach over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. It’s a spot that they’ve been to before. Two years ago, Sellers asked Boyd to be his girlfriend at North Myrtle Beach. Sellers had a different question to ask Boyd on their return trip.

“He walked me out onto the beach and while we were getting on to the beach he was telling me how much he loved me and that’s when it clicked,” said Boyd.

Sellers asked Boyd to marry him and she said YES! The moment was captured by friends.

“I started crying and my friends, all of them were screaming,” Boyd recalled. “It was just a really, really great moment and I was very shocked and surprised.”

The couple is planning a December 2021 wedding.

A ‘Grand’ Surprise at Premier Living & Rehab Center

The news of Boyd’s engagement quickly spread, but there was one special someone that she wanted to tell in-person: her grandfather, Shelton Mahala.

There was just one problem – Premier Living & Rehab Center in North Carolina where Mahala is a resident is on lockdown and visitors are not allowed.

Boyd has a close relationship with her grandfather. Originally from Tennessee, Mahala had been living with Boyd and her family for the past five years.

“I’ve gotten really close with him living with us and it really broke my heart when we had to put him in the nursing facility,” said Boyd, who used to work at Premier Living & Rehab Center as a nursing assistant.

Some of the staff at Premier Living & Rehab Center had seen Carly’s post on Facebook that she got engaged and they asked her if she had told her grandfather yet. She said not yet, because she wanted to tell him face-to-face instead of over the phone.

“I don’t know how I’m going to tell him without seeing him,” said Boyd.

The staff made the suggestion of walking outside to his window and sharing the news.

Boyd made her way outside and the staff pulled up the blinds so Mahala could see who was standing outside his window. Mahala, who has dementia, was a little confused at first as to why Boyd was outside and couldn’t visit him inside his room.

The staff explained to him that Boyd had to stay outside because of the virus.

“He was kind of upset and then that’s when I was like, look, I’m engaged,” recalled Boyd. “And that’s when he perked up.”

Her grandfather then asked when the wedding will be and Boyd told him they are hoping to have the ceremony next December (2021).

“He got a little down and he said, ‘well, I hope I can make it,’” recalled Boyd. “I just put my hand on the window and he put his and I told him how much I loved him and we cried and it was a very powerful, emotional moment.”

Thanking The HealthCare Heroes We conclude the first episode of SLGN on a sweet note! In late April, AgingChoices teamed up with The Whoo(pie) Wagon to say thank you to healthcare workers at two senior living communities by surprising them with boxes of Whoo(pie) pies.Co-host Brenda Limone and The Whoo(pie) Wagon – yes, there’s an actual Whoo(pie) Wagon – dropped off boxes of the famous Whoo(pie) pies to Benchmark Senior Living at Putnam Farm and Seasons of Danvers, both located in Massachusetts. Enjoy More Episodes of AgingChoices Unfiltered! We’re so excited to launch our podcast featuring real talk about senior care options. Each week we discuss timely topics with industry insiders and give you an unfiltered view of senior care.

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