Amari Fields Closes In On 100K Subscribers, Becoming Hit YouTube Sensation

Amari Fields, an 18-year-old YouTube star, is growing his audience on the social media platform. A talented up-and-comer with over 80,000 subscribers, Amari Fields has been on his path to success for years, connecting with fans and viewers far and wide since 2016.

Starting his hit channel in 2016, Amari Fields’ claim to fame was years in the making. Initially producing YouTube videos on the video game “Black Ops 3,” Amari Fields received few views or subscribers and struggled to grow his channel. But through his signature perseverance and consistency, Amari Fields kept uploading – no matter the subscriber or view count – to follow his passion and engage with viewers across the platform. 

After a few months, Amari Fields had a viral breakout moment where one of his signature Call of Duty videos received over 60,000 views, changing his outlook on YouTube and the trajectory of his career as a content creator and influencer. Gaining over 1,000 subscribers from the video alone, Amari Fields began getting hundreds of views per video. 

After a full year of uploading every day, he ended 2017 with about 2,000 subscribers on YouTube. In 2018, his success again slowed, but he looked introspectively to figure out what to do. In 2019, another break came. Leaving behind his traditional Call of Duty videos, Amari Fields began uploading engaging content from the hit video game Fortnite, a decision that sent his career skyrocketing. With back-to-back home runs videos, Amari Fields grew his channel from 4,000 subscribers to over 70,000 subscribers in just one year. Making a career move once again, Amari Fields is producing creative, engaging content every day that resonates with fans around the world.

With over 80,000 subscribers today, Amari Fields is predicted to surpass 500,000 by the end of 2020. Making over $65,000 to date, Amari Fields has quickly established himself as a talented up-and-comer with engaging video content.

To learn more, see Amari Fields on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter today. 

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