In The UK Chrome The Series Debuts Exclusively On Amazon Prime 30 May 2020

In The UK Chrome The Series Debuts Exclusively On Amazon Prime 30 May 2020

“Timothy Hines’ Chrome: The Series, the hyper action fantasy female superhero adventure mini series begins streaming on Prime Video, Free with Prime Saturday 30th May 2020.”
Chrome: The Series in the UK will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video beginning Saturday 30th May 2020.

Chrome: The Series, the hyper action fantasy female superhero adventure mini series is created by War Of The Worlds The True Story director Timothy Hines and stars Katie Erin Tomlinson (now Katie Diamond), Susan Goforth and Natasha Coppola-Shalom. Natasha Coppola-Shalom is Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage’s niece and cousin of Academy Award winner Sophia Coppola.

Watch the trailer below:

Chrome: The Series | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime:

Based on Timothy Hines’ 1994 epic screenplay written when he was handed a lymphoma death sentence (he was misdiagnosed). It turned out to be muscular dystrophy. His script for Chrome: The Series follows the intertwined fates of a runaway slave robot whose human injury inhibitor is broken, a repairbot deeply entrenched in the robot underground and the scarily void of humanity humans who hunt them to earn honor and money. The story explores the weight of robot A.I. servitude, the nature of slavery and identity, the deep desire of freedom – and the danger in believing that playing by society’s gates and rules will lead to glory and success.

The cast includes Katie Erin Tomlinson, now Katie Diamond (Chrome), Susan Goforth (EL The Reclaimer), Natasha Coppola-Shalom (Perdix), Anthony Piana (Colonel Zet) and Dave Morrissey Jr. (Nal).

Above: Susan Goforth as EL The Reclaimer in Chrome: The Series

Timothy Hines and Susan Goforth with partner Donovan Le spearheaded Chrome: The Series through their company Pendragon Pictures which is celebrating 21 years in business.

“Together with the input of 1000s of artists and years in the making, we have created the type of exciting, exclusive TV content customers love, escapist entertainment at its best,” said producer Donovan Le. “It is the perfect title for Prime Video viewers around the world. There is feverish anticipation for this mini series from fans of our previous best seller War Of The Worlds The True Story, so we are delighted to make it available on Amazon, free with Prime membership.”

“Our core strategy is to partner with the best streaming service in the business and there are no better partners than Amazon and Amazon Prime with an audience of over 150 million,” said Pendragon’s president Susan Goforth. “Working from Timothy Hines’ brilliant story, together with teams of artists making practical effects, miniatures, miniature sets, full-body prosthetic robot costumes, CGI and 3D models combined with large-scale miniatures and in-camera pyrotechnic effects, we’ve brought Timothy’s spectacular screenplay to life. Chrome: The Series trailer has already captivated hoards of fans. We can’t wait for Amazon Prime’s global members to be able to experience the extraordinary Chrome: The Series.”

In a joint statement, Susan Goforth and Timothy Hines said, “We, at Pendragon Pictures, are thrilled that Amazon will be the primary international home for Chrome: The Series. The team at Amazon have treated us very well and share our passion for spectacular cutting-edge storytelling, making it the perfect home for audiences worldwide.”

Chrome: The Series in the UK will be available on Prime Video and free to Prime members from Saturday 30th May. Sign-up to Amazon Prime Video here.

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