Meckiss Probiotic Balanced Facial Cleanser: Opening a New Era of Microecological Skin Care

On May 11th, 2020, Meckiss cooperated with Chinese e-commerce platforms to produce a new product: Meckiss Probiotic Balanced Facial Cleanser. From London to China, the market of Mieckiss spans Europe and Asia. The appearance of this product not only represents that Meckiss has officially entered the Chinese market, but also directly opens a new era of microecological skin care.

In the team’s increasingly conquering of microecological balance technology, an innovative probiotic microecological concept has also been put forward, which has been recognized by the skin care industry with lofty ideals. The relationship between probiotics and skin is: skin probiotic microorganisms are an indispensable part of the face – microecological imbalance, which will lead to flora imbalance and skin imbalance, thus forming sensitive skin – Meckiss Probiotic Balanced Facial Cleanser can protect skin and realize microecological skin care by maintaining the probiotics balance of skin.

Different from the traditional facial cleanser, which only cleans skin dirt and eliminates bacterial activity, Meckiss Probiotic Balanced Facial Cleanser pays more attention to the flora balance of the face and does not blindly sterilize.

“As a skin care brand, meckiss’s facial cleanser should also have skin care functions besides cleaning.”  Researchers once said so. Most of the facial cleansers on the market only focus on cleaning, and the better ones will have good makeup removal ability. Some even pay too much attention to cleaning, resulting in skin injury. According to the brand concept of meckiss, it is completely putting the cart before the horse. meckiss probiotic balanced facial cleanser achieves the purpose of protecting skin from damage and keeping skin healthy by adjusting the ecological balance of flora on the skin while cleaning superficial and deep dirt on the skin.

About Meckiss

Meckiss is a niche skin care brand originated in London. The brand adheres to the research and development concept of “ingredient first”, carefully selects effective skin care ingredients, and effectively protects skin of different skin types through advanced skin care technology and unique formula.

With the unswerving tenet of “Be your own queen, every woman deserves the most noble skin care courtesy”, Meckiss is committed to bringing noble, beautiful and happy skin care experience to every beauty lover. Stimulate women’s original skin beauty and cultivate elegant confidence from inside to outside.

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