Dilly Del, An Artist Releases His Single “Your Love” To Be Out On 26th April 2020

Artist, rapper and music producer with a hit single on Spotify releases music featuring Aliff Hanif which is now available on all Major Music streaming platforms!

Created 4 decades ago in small districts in New York, Hip Hop music has become a major genre of popular music in the 21st century worldwide. Playing an important role in every individual’s daily life, woven into the fabric society around the world; shaping the identity of society delivering messages that people can easily relate to.

Dilly Del is a recording artist, singer and rapper who prefers to produce his songs to mixtapes. He has released various categories of music such as R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Reggaeton. Born and raised in small city of Singapore, this 26-year old has created catchy and thoughtful music and has made a name in the industry through his personal efforts. He has been in the industry for the past 3 years. Singing has been a passion of his ever since the age of 8 when he took the challenge of projecting his vocals to the world of music. His journey started when he recorded his music at the age of 12 while single-handedly also producing and releasing them on YouTube and MySpace. It was in 2017 when his talent was scouted and he was signed to a Record Label in Singapore. His first debut “Backwards” was released on Spotify 2018, a digital music service that gives you access to a variety of songs was what brought him to stardom. The song was written by Dilly Del and produced by his former producer.

Dilly Del subsequently released his own songs including a Hit Single “All Back” on Spotify. His album, “Elevate” released back in 2018 is his ongoing project and there are two new releases, “Your Love” & “Worth It” featuring Aliff Hanif & AdamFattboy. Both these artists are quite popular as well in the music industry. Their music is enjoyed and appreciated by the masses.

Music by this sensation, Dilly Del, is available on renowned platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and Soundcloud. This Singapore Artist has also performed at major clubs in Singapore and was invited to host a charity event for a singing competition where he was one of the main judges.

Corona virus, the recent global pandemic is inciting panic around the world. Dilly Del was featured in the song “HOME” together with Aliff Hanif and AdamFattboy that was produced by Aliff Hanif in an effort to give people hope during the lockdown which is affecting almost the whole world. “HOME” has been aired and will be out soon for people to enjoy during this tough time. Premiering May 24th 2020.

Dilly’s songs “Your Love” and “Can’t Let You Go” have also been aired on 100.9FM The Heat, Los Angeles radio station last week and a few more stations based in Los Angeles. In the words of the 26-year old singer and music producer, “Supporters are my everything, I write music not only to entertain people but also to deliver a message to my devoted fans regarding the challenges we are facing in this generation and on things that they can easily relate to. My music allows me to connect with people of all walks of life. I will never stop creating music and coming up with new ideas that people would enjoy and I wanna thank my loyal supporters for staying loyal making me who I am today.”

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