Cross-border Industrial Product Platform ECVV Completes B + round of Financing

ECVV, a B2B cross-border industrial e-commerce platform, announced the completion of the B + round of financing, which was exclusively invested by Longrun Asset.

Based on the advantages of China’s industrial supply chain, ECVV is committed to providing global buyers with one-stop procurement services for b-end customers’ industrial products. It is an Internet-based integrated service provider for cross-border trade. ECVV serves the Belt and Road countries and focuses on Arab countries. It has regional influence in the fields of home decoration, hardware tools, electronic appliances, mechanical accessories, and medical equipment.

Dr. Jiao Long, a partner of Longrun Asset, the investor of this round, said, “B2B is a bigger market than B2C, and China is the largest manufacturing country in the world. However, China has not yet seen a global industrial product platform that matches the largest manufacturing country at present, which is bound to give birth to a global giant,” Mismatch between supply and demand is the key pain point in global trade. Real transaction data is the core to solve the problem of mismatch between supply and demand in the world. has formed a business layout driven by industrial product purchasing data, with B2B information service platform and self selling on a commission basis, and supported by global service system. The three business sectors of the company have a good synergy.

In the context of the transfer of domestic exports to the Belt and Road countries and the accelerated transfer of cross-border trade to online under epidemic conditions, ECVV has deeply integrated the export supply chain of industrial products in the domestic market, stabilized in the Middle East market. It has explored the S2B2C business model that adapts to the local market, and has taken the initiative in development. It is a strong competitor of the Internet platform for industrial products in emerging markets. 

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