Finding The Best Real Estate Agent In Las Vegas: Customer Service Does Matter

No matter what the industry, customer service is key to success in the business world. Those businesses with bad customer service do not last long. This is true even in the real estate world.

Joe Cervantes is broker and head of a real estate sellers group in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has brought downhome Midwestern values to the big city and has made a real mark in the real estate business since 1994, reaching multi-million sales in record time.

Cervantes realized some time back he could not run a successful business independently. He assembled a team of quality real estate selling agents within Las Vegas, NV as well as a full support team to help in the office. The result is a Las Vegas real estate agency that believes firmly in customer-focused interaction.

“One thing that many do not realize is a Realtor may have several customers at any given time.  This means they are constantly on the go looking for properties, listing properties, making calls and the like. It keeps them busy, so a quality team is vital to overall success,” said Cervantes.

Cervantes notes those who are looking to come into Las Vegas or sell a property in the city should be certain the realtor has enough of a support system. This means having someone in the office at what would be considered regular business hours and able to take messages and help customers to a degree.

“The home buying and selling process is much more complex than most people realize. This means Realtor agents in Las Vegas, NV and beyond need to be 100 percent focused on making their customers happy. It is hard work but made much easier with a support staff behind them,” said Cervantes.

Cervantes and his team are always ready to help with a property in Las Vegas. Visit their website at for a full listing on available properties.

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