Now On Kickstarter, “The Sister,” An Action-Packed Film, Takes Viewers To The End Of The World

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, The Sister delivers an action-packed adventure with themes about police power, corruption, law and order, viruses, and the end of the world.

The Sister, a new short film by Jonathan Camacho, is predicted to become a must-see in 2021. Featuring an action-packed storyline, The Sister takes viewers on a suspenseful journey through love, betrayal, and revenge as a deadly virus sweeps across Earth and threatens to kill off the entire human race. Just 20 years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was able to control and isolate this virus with the help of two prominent doctors – but their untimely death now puts the entire population at risk.

The film follows the personal life of FBI Special Agent Fernanda Urriaga, a young woman who entered the FBI to find the culprit behind her parent’s death and to find her lost sister. More than 20 years prior, Special Agent Urriaga’s parents, prominent doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were killed by members of the Russian Mafia after discovering the cure for a lethal virus that threatened all of humanity. Killed to stop the cure from being shared with hospitals and clinics in the United States, the Russian Mafia is now prepared to clear a path for the virus to kill off the entire United States population – unless the hands of the sister can get their first.

A suspenseful story with twists and turns that keep viewers on edge, anyone can support The Sister on Kickstarter to discover the secrets of the Urriaga family as Special Agent Fernanda Urriaga works to save humanity. Now available on Kickstarter, The Sister is expected to release in January 2021. The campaign is located on the web at

Supporters around the world can back The Sister by making generous pledges via Kickstarter. Pledges start at as little as $10. But for a pledge of $25 or more, unlock other rewards as a token of your support, including an honorable mention in the film’s credits or exclusive behind the scenes access. Some rewards are limited, so do act fast. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page.


The Sister was directed by Jonathan Camacho, a photographer, writer, editor, director, and producer from Rio Grande City Texas. A suspenseful film involving an FBI Special Agent, the Russian Mafia, and a cure for a virus threatening all of humanity, The Sister is expected to be a must-see action film upon release.

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