James McCarthy has recently released a new book, Sin & Redemption, to wide literary acclaim

It’s a unique approach to storytelling that reads like a memoir, excites with every page and teaches you key lessons about life along the way.

We spoke to the author to get a little more insight into how the book came about, what it means and what his thoughts are for the future.

“To me writing has always been about telling stories through real experiences. It’s about exciting the reader, bringing them into my world and hopefully opening their eyes a little bit along the way. That’s why I wanted to create a piece that did so much more than just go through the standard storytelling motions so that it would stand out, and also stand the test of time.”

The idea is to introduce the reader to a cut and thrust range of characters who are constantly battling to make it through life.

“I wanted to write something that first of all, people would enjoy reading. It’s no use penning something dry and bland even if the messages that sit behind it are really important. Storytelling is what bring pages to life and gives words meaning, so I’ve tried to never lose sight of that whilst putting pen to paper. It’s what allowed me to create a story that works across a whole host of different levels, and one which I hope will have everyone who reads it gripped until the very last page.”

McCarthy’s approach is certainly different, and it’s what gives his work the unique style that’s already making quite the name for itself on the literary scene. His writing has pace, power and poise all at the same time — a difficult balance to strike when you’re dealing with such a stark and vivid subject matter. But he pulls it off in his own inimitable style to create a piece that is sure to have you engrossed from the moment you pick it up. With that in mind, we wanted to know what else he has in store for us.

“As I said when we first sat down, I’m a storyteller. I believe that the written word is the best way to pass on a message, inspire a generation and of course to entertain. With this in mind, I want to continue to explore the untold stories that are out there ready to be written, and to bring them to life in new thought-provoking ways. I’m constantly searching for inspiration from my own experiences, the people I meet and the world around me. Without those three things I wouldn’t be where I am right now, and for that I’m truly grateful.”

Wise words indeed from a writer who’s clearly going places, and one we’ll no doubt be watching avidly for years to come.

To immerse yourself in his latest work, visit amazon.com today to get your copy.

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