Huish Group Uses Technology to the Acquisition, Development, and Management of Real Estate

A company aims to apply technology to the acquisition, development, and management of housing and real estate.

Huish Group is a fully-integrated real estate organization. Led by Scott Huish, the company concentrates on the acquisition of superior quality, income-producing commercial real estate, with a focus on value-add opportunities. They pursue investments through a joint venture, acquisition, as well as sale-leaseback opportunities spanning numerous markets, geographies, and asset classes.

Housing is the root of prosperity, opportunity, education, and healthy. Revolutionary housing development unleashes human potential. Huish Group, directed by Scott, applies technology to the acquisition, development, and management of the real estate and housing.

A complete lifestyle community is required for today’s population, where individuals live, learn, and connect. Huish Group creates where a person likes to live. When kids play, it’s one of the best forms of learning. Huish Group’s communities must be built to bring out the inner kid in everyone to play and discover. Ultimately, a sense of belonging and feeling safe is vital for everybody. Huish Group builds a new community to feel connected and safe.

The real estate company believes that homes are the digital way to offer access to learners and connect with the best leaders and academics around the globe. That supports on-demand and lifelong learning. On top of that, good stewardship of natural resources is critical for healthy communities. Huish Group integrates sustainable and sound energy production, freshwater use, and waste management principles and technology.

“Huish Group is a company offering innovation and technology that is focused on real estate. My goal is to help establish communities that are desirable, responsible, and beautiful for the modern consumer with smart technologies and modular manufacturing,” said Scott Huish.

Scott Huish has begun and led technology-driven organizations in finance, agriculture, energy, construction, and real estate. He is an experienced CEO focused on technology and real estate with a global perspective. As a lifelong learner, he has finished advanced education at the University of Oxford (Executive MBA), Harvard (Sustainable Business Strategy), and London School of Economics and Political Science (Business, International Relations, and the Global Economy).

Scott loves to travel off the firmed trail to experience the varied and stunning cultures everywhere. His focus is on applying technology and innovation to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Huish Group’s principle is total lifestyle is key to the community; variety is necessary for a balanced life and diversity and inclusion for all.

About Huish Group

With long years of experience in real estate property acquisition, development, leasing, and management, Huish Group provides an unsurpassed level of service, insight, and expertise.

To learn more about Huish Group, reach Scott Huish at Visit their official website today at to discover more about the services they offer.

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