How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

This period has been a challenging time for all businesses, but as social gathering places, café and restaurants have been impacted on a whole different level. To the point that coffee lovers, can no longer get the perfect brew from their favorite coffee shop.

We are here to help! As self-help has become the only alternative left. Whether you are novice or a regular coffee drinker, brewing a perfect blend of coffee at home is not that difficult.

In follow up to our previous article on “10 Tips for Café-Style Home Brew Using a Coffee Maker with Grinder”, we will be explaining how to clean one of the popular keurig coffee maker.

Regular cleaning is highly recommended whether your coffee maker has been performing best or not. The procedure of how to clean a Keurig coffee maker is easy, depending on the removable parts.

The below procedure are expert tips on how to clean the keurig coffee maker using household items.

What You Need:

• Soap
• Vinegar
• Keurig descaling solution
• Water
• Large ceramic mug
• Lint-free cloth

A quick and easy guide is given below to help make your coffee bacteria-free…

1. How to clean the outside of Keurig Coffee Maker?

Take a wet, soapy lint-free cloth. Wipe away dust or splatters from outside of Keurig. Now gently slide out the drip tray, empty, wipe and return to its position. Never you submerge the machine in water. After all, it is an electrical appliance.

2. How to clean individual parts of Keurig?

Turn off the coffee machine and allow it to cool down. Now lift the lever to disassemble the K-Cup pod holder and funnel. Gently wash both parts in the sink or on the top shelf of the dishwasher on a low-temperature cycle. Remove the water reservoir and lid. Wash both with soapy water in the sink. Rinse thoroughly and spray the filter with a faucet hole.

3. How to clean Keurig using vinegar?

First, empty the water reservoir and if necessary, the filter also. Turn off the machine. Now fill the reservoir with 10 ounces of white vinegar. It will help in descaling your coffee maker. Also, add some water with vinegar in the water reservoir. Start the brew cycle without K-cup. Repeat until the reservoir is empty, discarding the mug contents after each brew cycle. This process will help in removing lime and scale build-up.

For more details of “how to get rid of mold in coffee maker”.

4. How to clean Keurig using Keurig descaling solution?

Fill the reservoir with the bottle of Keurig descaling solution. Before moving on to the next step fills the descaling solution bottle with water and pours it into the water reservoir. Place a large ceramic mug under the spout. Pour the content of mug into the sink. Press the brew button to perform a cleansing brew. Repeat until the reservoir becomes empty. After that remove and rinse the reservoir, fill it with freshwater and repeat brew cycles until all the water is gone.


• Filter replacement in a coffee maker is recommended after every two months for a better tasting coffee.
• Do not towel dry the inside of the coffee maker because it may leave some lint behind which is untidy.
• Use ceramic mug under the spout of coffee maker while cleansing with Keurig descaling solution.
• Softened or distilled water is highly discouraged to use in Keurig coffee maker. Bottled or spring water is the perfect choice when brewing with your Keurig.
• Do not use any local descaling solution. Use only those approved by Keurig.

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