COVID-19 Restrictions Seen As Opportunity To Expand Venues By Bay Area Event Planners

COVID-19 Restrictions Seen As Opportunity To Expand Venues By Bay Area Event Planners
Surprisingly, event planners in the Bay Area have learned to use the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 crisis to launch new directions. Without eliminating planning for in-person events, the top planners are adding planning and coordinating virtual, hybrid and online events as well.

For many individuals and businesses, the stay-at-home regulations imposed in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 mean that in-person social gatherings and corporate events have become rarities. The premier event planners in the San Francisco Bay area have refused to let the social shutdown stand in the way of their business plans. The Bay Area event planners have turned their attention to the expansion of other venues for their business. Instead of relying solely upon the traditional corporate events and other in-person gatherings, BB Events increasingly expanded the level of virtual events, hybrid events and online events in their repertoire.  

As businesses have increasingly made use of social media to enhance their market presence, they realized that the technology exists for meeting digitally for many purposes. It is just a short additional step to recognise that the same technology can be used in times, such as exist in the current social-distancing regulations to bring people together in a meaningful way.

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In the past, there have been many events which would have called for a social gathering among friends, employees, executives and campaign principals. The Bay Area planners at BB Events want to assure socially starved clients that there are alternatives to a crowded banquet hall, concert, party or other venues. At the same time, the planners understand that the technical requirements of large digital gatherings may not be known to corporate executives or party hosts.

A spokesperson for the experienced planning firm stated that they have the expertise take care of all the many details which go along with organizing and implementing the event virtually. They bring the knowledge and connections they have earned over the years in business to prepare the promotion, technical requirements and creativity which a digital event requires.

BB Events owner and founder states that she has always been a planner. She brings her knack for detail and organization, which allows her firm to see things which most people don’t, to add a unique flavor to each event. The company uses its expertise to put all of the details together to produce a memorable experience for clients and guests. The partners, event sponsors, clients and vendors do not need to worry about the details; instead, they can focus on the ‘Why?’ of the gathering.

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