Author Col. Don Wilson Announces Release of New Book, Their Secret Lives

19 May, 2020 – New York City, NY – Lt. Col. Don Wilson, the author of four popular novels, including Code Name William Tell and Code Name Spirit, has announced the release of his latest book, Their Secret Lives, on Amazon.

A continuation of the trilogy of Code Name William Tell and Code Name Spirit, Their Secret Lives is an exciting, action-packed story of an extraordinary man. On a mission that occasioned him a meeting with a beautiful widow, the two are motivated by mutual secrets that cannot be shared and quickly fall in love with one another. Tells secret is the closest held since The Manhattan District Project of World War II, while hers places her in the category of the enemy. 

A story of many questions, readers are taken on a thrilling adventure in this complex web of secrets and plots. Decisions at each turn affect the relationship between William Tell and Spirit, especially as Tell is tasked by the President of the United States to conduct covert anti-terrorist and anti-subversion operations worldwide in support of U.S. foreign policy, where confidentiality and covertness are most required.

Written for the times, Their Secret Lives addresses many concerns our nation faces today and promises to take readers on an exciting adventure from beginning to end.

To get a copy of the book today in paperback or digital format, please visit Amazon here.

About the Author

Lt. Colonel Wilson was born to a Navy family. His father, a naval officer, chose not to raise a child but to build a man of strict discipline and accountability. Groomed for a service career, Lt. Colonel Wilson had no difficulties adjusting to Army life, excelling from the start. Inspired by Word War II, the pinnacle of America’s greatness, Lt. Colonel Wilson developed an unwavering love for the country and a sense of patriotism so powerful it persisted throughout his life.

Lt. Colonel Wilson, now 90, observes unfortunate changes in the character of our nation over his lifetime. A career soldier, he has led an adventurous and hazardous life full of experiences that taught valuable lessons from which we can all learn. To learn more, please visit

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